‘The debt’, a curtain of vengeance, steel and lies

‘The debt’, a curtain of vengeance, steel and lies

  • Helen Mirren is the main claim of ‘The debt’, already in theaters.
  • The British actress embodies an Israeli ex-spy who, decades later, returns to face the mission that changed her life.

Helen Mirren in ‘The debt’. Universal Pictures

After World War II, Berlin was the grim setting of an entire operetta of conflicting interests: over the smoky ruins of the dismal Third Reich, there was the division of Europe, the construction of an embarrassing wall and the coming and going of Western spies and communists And something else: hidden like rats, Nazi criminals carried anonymous and gray lives without paying for their horrible crimes.

The debt presents us to one of them, the fictitious Dieter Vogel, known by the nickname of Birkenau’s surgeon. Now, under the guise of an elegant and calm gynecologist, Vogel dodges every day having been responsible for the death (after horrible tortures) of thousands of Jews. But these, on the other hand, do not forget: the Israeli Mossad has located him and, to capture him, has sent three of his agents.

A vital mission

That was in the sixties. In 1997, these three agents are heroes: Rachel (Helen Mirren), Stephan (Tom Wilkinson) and David (Ciarán Hinds) do not take Vogel to court, but they do have to end his life. Theirs were united forever by that mission in Berlin, by the perils run, by the experience of facing the devil and by the love triangle, with pregnancy included, that developed between the three.

Helen is at the top, she likes difficult roles and is not afraid of anything

Impossible love, fraudulent heroism, pending accounts … All this is in The Debt , where Hollywood reinterprets the Israeli film Ha-hov , released in 2007. For his jump to Hollywood, the producers hired John Madden, whose greatest success was Shakespeare in Love Everyone knew that they had an attractive story, but there was still a cast of good actors who would give life to the three protagonists in two different stages of their lives.

Without doubt, the most important of all was that of Rachel Singer, on whom lies the emotional weight of the plot. For the young Rachel was bet by Jessica Chastain, unknown until a few months ago , but turned into one of the most fashionable faces after being under the orders of the prestigious Terrence Malick (in The Tree of Life ) or Al Pacino (Wilde Salome) . But the bet was even greater with the mature Rachel, to which Helen Mirren gives life, one of the great current actresses for films like The queen . The director, of course, was satisfied with his collaboration: “It was a fantastic experience,” he says. “Helen is on the cusp, she likes difficult roles and is not afraid of anything.”

For the men in the movie, the occasional popular name. For example, Sam Worthington ( Avatar ) plays the tormented young David, who in his mature age is played by Ciarán Hinds ( The Weight of Water and Road to Perdition ). Marton Csokas ( Alice in Wonderland ) and Tom Wilkinson ( In the room ) get into the skin of Stephan while for the diabolical Vogel the chosen was Jesper Christensen (which we will see in Melancholia ).

Well received by the US critic

Those who liked Munich , by Steven Spielberg, probably like Debt : that suggests Entertainment Weekly , one of the many American publications that praises the film starring Helen Mirren. Los Angeles Times defines it as “a superb espionage thriller , full of bodily and cerebral dangers,” while USA Today considers that “due to its tense action and deep revelations, it pays to pay to see it.”

The other premieres of the weekend

Night of fear : Hormones and crucifixes. Mix adolescent plots (who has gotten involved with who, which is the most popular kid in the institute) with the constants of the vampiric celluloid (fangs, crucifixes and holy waters), go through the 3D filter and add a handsome actor (in this case, Colin Farrell) and the result is Night of fear , update of the homonymous title directed by Tom Holland in 1985 that is released this Thursday.

The action takes us to a town near Las Vegas, where the young Charley Brewster (Anton Yelchin, seen in The Beaver ) things start to go well. In addition to having a beautiful girlfriend Amy ( Imogen Poots, Centurion ), his attractive and divorced mother (Toni Colette) seems to be in a good mood, especially since a new neighbor, the enigmatic and beautiful Jerry (Farrell) arrives in the neighborhood ).

But the tranquility will not last: several boys disappear, Jerry begins to take an interest in other jugular and Charley, with the help of television vampirologist Peter Vincent (David Tennant) will have to avoid the neighborhood apocalypse. Before, several scares, the occasional heater and abundant hooligan humor.

Cairo, 678 : The real story of three women and their commitment to defend against sexual harassment, a widespread practice in Egypt. When one of them stabbing one of their stalkers will become a national heroine.

Finnish divorce : Aki Kaurismaki’s brother, Mika, directs this harsh comedy about a newly divorced couple who, despite their good intentions, end up involved in a violent confrontation.

Stella: Paris, 1977. Stella grows older: at eleven years old, she starts a new year and her life is about to start changing forever.

Mammuth : Serge, employee of a slaughterhouse, wants to retire. But first he will have to go back to the murky places where he worked.

Black heaven : The life of a young man who finds himself dragged into a dangerous game of seduction.

News After the wedding: combine insurance

News After the wedding: combine insurance

finanzen.de News always well informed

Tuesday, 14.07.15 , written by Cora Christine Döhn Couples can merge many insurance policies after the wedding and cancel obsolete policies. Particularly important is the adaptation of occupational disability, risk life or life insurance policies. This concerns the amount of the sum insured and also the  Nach der Hochzeit auch Versicherungen checken

Two hearts just an insurance

Newlyweds can save a lot of money after the wedding. From now on, you will enjoy great benefits not only in front of the wheel. Spouses should now also reduce costs for some insurances by sharing a contract from the moment they are married . This is also the right time to adapt existing insurance contracts to the new phase of life. For example, the new spouse can be registered as a beneficiary in a life insurance policy. However, such adjustments are often tied to deadlines that insured parties must comply with.

After the wedding: do not forget to change the life insurance

Many people invest their money in a capital-forming life insurance. This is often called private pension or even for special events, such as the birth of a child , saved. If the insured person dies before payment, the death benefit is paid to the beneficiary or his heirs. If, in the event of death, the money should go to the new spouse alone, this must be noted in the insurance contract. After a wedding, the new beneficiary can be entered by name in the contract .

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Risk life insurance: increase insured sum after the wedding

A term life insurance is a pure death insurance. It protects the person named in the contract against the financial losses that the death of the deceased would cause. After the wedding, it often makes sense to hedge the spouse – especially if the policyholder is the main earner. If, in addition, a baby is planned, it is worth increasing the sum insured. Advisable is a sum equal to three times the annual gross income .

In marriages in which both partners work , it makes sense to conclude a so-called affiliated insurance. Thus, the partners secure each other from the financial consequences in the event of death. An advantage in the case of a linked term life insurance is the particularly favorable contributions compared to individual contracts. The disadvantage, however , is that bereaved children get paid only once when both parents die.

Information about getting married

Just married and you want to show everyone? The wedding portal Zankyou helps newlyweds to create their wedding homepage. In addition, couples will find numerous tips and inspirations around the wedding here.

Take out a supplementary insurance guarantee for the BU

Some occupational disability insurance (BU) include a so-called post-insurance guarantee . This includes the possibility of having the contract adapted to a change in one’s personal life – such as a wedding – without having to undergo another health examination. The contractually agreed monthly BU pension can then be easily increased. Because the BU pension is very tight , it is not enough in an emergency to maintain the usual standard of living together with the spouse. It is important to know that there are upper limits when adjusting the BU pension amount. These are specified in the insurance contract.

Saving money after the wedding: An insurance contract is often enough

Couples living together can share some insurance contracts even if they are unmarried. But many couples opt for this step only after the wedding . Relationship partners, for example, can do without a second liability insurance. Most of the older contract remains and the newer can be terminated without notice. Here it is advisable with the help of liability insurance tests to check whether the contract offers the young couple still the best value for money . As soon as couples contract, they can also pool home contents insurance.

What newlyweds should not forget after the wedding as well

In addition to the reorganization of insurance and finance , there are other things that newlyweds need to think about. For example, if one spouse takes on the name of the other, some authorities, offices, and other agencies need to be notified. Name change checklists help you to remember nothing important .

In addition, couples must choose the best tax bracket for themselves. Depending on how much the partners earn or whether only one of the spouses has an income, different combinations are suitable .

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“Rich parents for all!” – a funny slogan, but unfortunately a pious wish. Because in everyday life, most students are dependent on additional funding. Some apply for BAföG, while others go to work. And more and more take on a loan.

Image: Students in the library 

We show you, which possibilities there are for students and what should be considered when choosing the right loan.

Student loan – installment loans often also interesting for student financing

The student loan is a conventional installment loan that non-students can apply for.

However, to obtain a loan applicants must meet certain conditions. As a general rule, a loan is only granted to adults of permanent residence in Germany. Even borrowers with a negative Schufa entry are usually rejected.

In addition, almost no bank or savings bank awards a classic loan to applicants who do not receive regular income. BAföG and child benefits can not be taken into account as they are public benefits. Even family allowances and income from a 450-euro job can not be used to calculate liquidity.

Often it is therefore worthwhile to find a co-applicant – such as the parents. This usually strengthens the confidence of the bank and increases the chances of a grant. This variant has proven itself over the years.

Further information and tips on student loans on our guide page

Student Loan – Especially for students: No credit check

Especially for students, the student loan is aimed. The number of student loans offered is still quite clear. So it is relatively easy to find a suitable offer. The market leader Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) waives collateral and a credit check. In addition, other banks offer students cheap loans. Except at the DKB and at some savings banks are offers for example at loan funds of the various Studentenwerke.

Student loans usually provide for a grace period between the last payout and the first repayment installment due. This means that after graduation, borrowers get a grace period until they find a job and have a regular income before the loan has to be repaid. The waiting period usually lasts about two years.

Student loans are often limited in age and payout levels. Both the total amount and the monthly payment amount may be limited. At KfW, for example, a maximum sum of 650 euros per month is paid out. The maximum age for applicants is usually 30 years.

Additional one-time payments are only possible in individual cases. Students in need of an immediate payment should therefore check whether an installment loan is eligible for them.

Further information and tips on student loan on our guide page

Educational Credit – For students on the home stretch – low-interest and variable

For students on the home stretch may be worth a “education loan”. The loans are granted by KfW to students shortly before their graduation and are often lower interest than student loans.

The loans are granted regardless of the income or financial situation of the parents. A credit check does not take place. Both credit volume and the amount of monthly payments are variable.

The term “education loan” also includes offers from other institutes and institutions. There are offers from the loan funds Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hamburg and Berlin especially for the last phase of study. As a rule, the loans here are also relatively low-interest. Furthermore, the Studentenwerke Hannover, Lake Constance and Schleswig-Holstein also lend money for the last study phase.

The savings banks also offer a so-called education loan. However, the conditions are more comparable to those of a student loan. Thus, these education loans are not exclusively tied to the final phase of the study.

More information and tips on education credit on our guide page

Manage loans for free: Current accounts for students

All banks, whether branch banks or savings banks, offer students a free checking account. Still, it can make a difference for which financial institution you choose. On the one hand, some direct banks offer attractive cash bonuses for opening an account. On the other hand, a farsighted bank choice prevents you from having to look for a new bank immediately after the foreseeable ending of the training. The advantage of many direct banks, for example, is that often there is also the interest for overdrafts slightly cheaper than at branch banks.