News After the wedding: combine insurance

News After the wedding: combine insurance

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Tuesday, 14.07.15 , written by Cora Christine Döhn Couples can merge many insurance policies after the wedding and cancel obsolete policies. Particularly important is the adaptation of occupational disability, risk life or life insurance policies. This concerns the amount of the sum insured and also the  Nach der Hochzeit auch Versicherungen checken

Two hearts just an insurance

Newlyweds can save a lot of money after the wedding. From now on, you will enjoy great benefits not only in front of the wheel. Spouses should now also reduce costs for some insurances by sharing a contract from the moment they are married . This is also the right time to adapt existing insurance contracts to the new phase of life. For example, the new spouse can be registered as a beneficiary in a life insurance policy. However, such adjustments are often tied to deadlines that insured parties must comply with.

After the wedding: do not forget to change the life insurance

Many people invest their money in a capital-forming life insurance. This is often called private pension or even for special events, such as the birth of a child , saved. If the insured person dies before payment, the death benefit is paid to the beneficiary or his heirs. If, in the event of death, the money should go to the new spouse alone, this must be noted in the insurance contract. After a wedding, the new beneficiary can be entered by name in the contract .

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Risk life insurance: increase insured sum after the wedding

A term life insurance is a pure death insurance. It protects the person named in the contract against the financial losses that the death of the deceased would cause. After the wedding, it often makes sense to hedge the spouse – especially if the policyholder is the main earner. If, in addition, a baby is planned, it is worth increasing the sum insured. Advisable is a sum equal to three times the annual gross income .

In marriages in which both partners work , it makes sense to conclude a so-called affiliated insurance. Thus, the partners secure each other from the financial consequences in the event of death. An advantage in the case of a linked term life insurance is the particularly favorable contributions compared to individual contracts. The disadvantage, however , is that bereaved children get paid only once when both parents die.

Information about getting married

Just married and you want to show everyone? The wedding portal Zankyou helps newlyweds to create their wedding homepage. In addition, couples will find numerous tips and inspirations around the wedding here.

Take out a supplementary insurance guarantee for the BU

Some occupational disability insurance (BU) include a so-called post-insurance guarantee . This includes the possibility of having the contract adapted to a change in one’s personal life – such as a wedding – without having to undergo another health examination. The contractually agreed monthly BU pension can then be easily increased. Because the BU pension is very tight , it is not enough in an emergency to maintain the usual standard of living together with the spouse. It is important to know that there are upper limits when adjusting the BU pension amount. These are specified in the insurance contract.

Saving money after the wedding: An insurance contract is often enough

Couples living together can share some insurance contracts even if they are unmarried. But many couples opt for this step only after the wedding . Relationship partners, for example, can do without a second liability insurance. Most of the older contract remains and the newer can be terminated without notice. Here it is advisable with the help of liability insurance tests to check whether the contract offers the young couple still the best value for money . As soon as couples contract, they can also pool home contents insurance.

What newlyweds should not forget after the wedding as well

In addition to the reorganization of insurance and finance , there are other things that newlyweds need to think about. For example, if one spouse takes on the name of the other, some authorities, offices, and other agencies need to be notified. Name change checklists help you to remember nothing important .

In addition, couples must choose the best tax bracket for themselves. Depending on how much the partners earn or whether only one of the spouses has an income, different combinations are suitable .

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