A Leading Company in Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring Improves Clinical Outcomes and Lowers Healthcare Costs

New York, NY- “We care about your patients and strive to keep them healthy, managed, and out of hospital.” The CCM Santé is delighted to present its services to you. The unique chronic care management company delivers an exceptional breakthrough in healthcare and redefines remote patient monitoring by leveraging its patented telemedicine technology.

The highly trained team of expert healthcare coordinators use CCM Health’s proven standards to design personalized remote care plans and actively manage each patient’s health. Because of this, The CCM Health achieves an unparalleled degree of patient convenience and engagement, resulting in dramatic reductions in healthcare costs and improved quality of life.

Recognized as one of the leading CCM service providers in New York, their services have significant impacts on healthcare costs and reduced hospital readmissions. Similarly, CCM Health is highly effective in helping physicians better understand their patient population and reduce hospitalization of geriatric patients.

CCM Health is collaborating with physicians to provide virtual care services to vulnerable populations. Their sophisticated data analysis reports help clinicians take control of the clinical data of their patient groups. CCM Health providers may adjust clinical processes and alert settings for gaps in medical care based on their particular policies and practices. Their proprietary technology and services enable clinicians to implement initiatives and ensure practice-wide compliance with state and federal standards such as MIPS, PCMH, Medicare Star accreditation and improvement. .

To ensure the best possible care, The CCM Health constantly monitors the quality of its services. All facets of this, from improving an individual’s health to a better hospital experience, can be measured. Constant evaluation of clinical outcomes creates benchmarks for continuous improvement in all parts of CCM Health’s practice. As a result, care is improved and similarly gaps in care are closed. CCM Health looks at a patient population and uses the CCM platform to oversee medications, doctor appointments, and other information. This data is monitored by an experienced team of healthcare professionals, who alert the healthcare professional if there is a problem.

As chronic care management and remote patient monitoring become more commonplace, The CCM Health team leads the industry with cutting-edge technology that solves an array of problems. CCM Health’s patented software and carefully developed equipment provide a unique and powerful instrument that helps reduce healthcare costs and improve clinical outcomes.

About CCM Health:

CCM Health is a groundbreaking company that provides solutions for chronic care management and remote patient monitoring using cutting-edge proprietary telemedicine technologies. The CCM Health team is comprised of highly trained and experienced healthcare coordinators who use established CCM Health protocols to create individualized remote care plans and actively manage each patient’s health.

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