After criticism, police say they are investigating threats against senior health official

Arab politicians and mayors block highway to protest community crime

Dozens of Arab-Israeli protesters block Israel’s central highway on Route 6 to protest the government’s alleged inaction to end the wave of crime in Arab towns and villages.

Protesters leave Kafr Qara in central Israel in a convoy of vehicles heading for Jerusalem. Parliamentarians from the Joint List bloc made up of predominantly Arab parties, including Joint List leader Ayman Odeh, are present at the scene. Several Arab mayors also joined the convoy, as well as Arab Israelis who have lost loved ones to the ongoing violence.

“We live in a situation where there are murders every two or three days. If our children cannot live normal lives, the rest of the country cannot continue normally, ”says Odeh.

Arab Israelis have long bemoaned the lack of law and order in their towns and villages, where they say the police rarely care about solving the killings. But this year is poised to be the bloodiest on record, with 104 community murders recorded long before the year is out.

Arab politicians, mayors and others block Highway 6 to protest endemic violent crime within the community, October 28, 2021. (Common list)

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s government has pledged to act to end the violence. On Sunday, the government put forward a five-year NIS 2.4 billion plan to end the violence; more extreme measures, such as involving the Shin Bet security service and expanding the powers of the police, are also under consideration. The plan will now head to the Knesset, where it is expected to pass as part of the upcoming budget.

The Joint List, however, sharply criticized the plan. “This is a plan to kill 1,400 Arabs,” Odeh said Tuesday in a video posted to his Facebook page, in which he said the plan did not allocate enough resources to the problem.

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