As the new chocolate system evolves, the borrowing amounts increase

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With the elimination of the housing fund subsidy system, the chocolate system will be expanded with available funds: the maximum amount of concessional credit that can be taken up will increase, and the previous maximum can be taken up with two children already – said Thursday.

The new conditions could come into effect this year


This means that the two children will have access to 10 million forints and the three children in the form of a 3 percent interest rate loan, which can be added to the state subsidy.

Minister Gergely Gulyás, Prime Minister, said that the new conditions could come into effect this year, but since bank arrangements will have to be restructured, it is unlikely that increased subsidized loans will be available in practice before 1 January. However, I would definitely like to see the law come into force this year.

The maximum loan amount will increase


To 15 million because it is the “increase from which property prices have not yet risen”. (How this was calculated is a mystery.)

There is still a lot of announcements regarding chocolate conversion that they are likely to come up with a scheme that can also be used for renovation. In this connection, Goulash said just now that “the scope of use has not changed,” which suggests that the idea of ​​renovation has not passed the government. If this is the case, the bad news for families with children who may have wanted to recreate it in the absence of ltp.

Another earlier idea, repeatedly raised


To introduce a special “village chocolate” to lure families with children into small settlements remains an issue, the ministry did not mention this in Thursday’s government info.

The government wants the government to make sure that more children can be born among those who can afford to have children, and that the construction industry (the amount of money that can be bought for a newly built apartment is higher), the latter working better than the former.