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“Send blankets…or we’ll freeze to death” was Kyiv by Mayor Vitali Klitschko brutal assessment of the coming winter

Rockville, Md., November 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Spartan Medical Inc., a veteran-owned medical solutions company, today announced that it has donated 700 Siren survival packs and additional medical supplies to help Ukrainian civilians endure the extremely cold months ahead.

Spartan Medical Logo (PRNewsfoto/Spartan Medical Inc.)

“These Siren Survival Wraps will directly help Ukrainians endure the harsh winter ahead.”

As Ukrainian forces stood still and resisted the Russian military invasion, Russia broadened its military strategy to attack critical infrastructure and dismantle vital systems in Ukrainian cities such as water, sewage and electricity.

The average daily maximum temperature at Kyiv during the winter months is just above freezing point. Therefore, it is critical that medical facilities and first responders can maintain the core body temperature of at-risk populations under these conditions. Siren Survival Wraps are derived from a proprietary post-operative normothermia system. With the help of these wraps, clinicians and first responders will have the medical grade tools needed to reduce the risk of life-threatening hypothermia.

“Spartan Medical has the technologies and expertise to help the people of Ukraine, and we are determined to make a difference,” said Vince Profitt, Founder and President of Spartan Medical. “These Siren Survival Wraps will directly help Ukrainians endure the harsh winter ahead.”

Spartan Medical and the Proffitt Brothers Foundationthe charitable arm of Spartan Medical Inc., are working with the James Hollister Wellness Foundation based in Rockville, Maryland deliver these supplies to Ukraine. The James Hollister Wellness Foundation provides lifesaving medicines and medical supplies to low-income and displaced people around the world.

“We provided medicines and medical supplies to Ukraine for months, but the coming winter has drastically changed the requests we receive,” explained Matthew Hollister, President and CEO of the James Hollister Wellness Foundation. “For Ukrainian soldiers fighting for their home country, it has always been a life or death situation. But now, for Ukrainian civilians, it’s a life or death situation just to fight against the supplies from Spartan Medical Inc. could not have come at a better time to save the lives of those most affected by the attacks on Ukraine Infrastructure.”

In addition to Siren Survival Wraps, Spartan will also supply over one hundred thousand individual medical supplies, including the recently launched SURE Fire Single-Use Retractor, a pre-packaged, sterile, surgery-ready system ideally suited for demanding medical conditions. in Ukraine (designed for the flexibility required in austere environments and frontline operations).

“Because of our medical and clinical expertise and our ability to manage complex logistics, today we are helping the James Hollister Wellness Foundation get these products where they need them most,” adds Proffitt.

About Spartan Medical:

Spartan Medical is a veteran-owned and operated government contractor for the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), US Department of Defense (DoD), and other local, state, and federal agencies. We provide some of the most advanced medical technologies and biologics, licensed medical personnel, and cutting-edge operations management expertise to our customers, both at home and abroad. Our management team have all held leadership positions in the public and private sectors and our core strength is solving complex problems through creative thinking, innovative solutions and highly skilled flexible teams. Spartan Medical maintains its leadership position by providing medical facilities with best-in-class solutions that improve patient care and outcomes, especially for the US military and veteran communities.

About the James Hollister Wellness Foundation:

The James Hollister Wellness Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to prevent the unnecessary waste of excess inventory in hospitals, pharmacies and nursing care networks. Founded in 2015 to honor the memory of our co-founder’s late father, medicines and medical devices collected by James Hollister Wellness are sent to low-income citizens in developing countries who do not have easy access to healthcare. Our non-profit organization works with charitable groups, religious groups and service organizations that operate in countries, providing them with the medicines needed to carry out their service work so that they can work personally with people low income and meet their health needs. .

Media Contact:
Nick Gobel
Director of Public Relations and Government Affairs, Spartan Medical



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Amid concerns over long-term health issues, VA to track exposure to Red Hill fuel for decades to come Thu, 17 Nov 2022 01:59:00 +0000

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) — The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs confirmed in a hearing Wednesday that it will follow military families potentially exposed to jet fuel during Navy fuel spills at Red Hill for decades to come.

Thousands of people were sickened nearly a year ago by fuel-contaminated tap water, but lawmakers and families fear people will get lost in the government system as the military takes their retirement.

Meredith Wilson, whose husband is in the Air Force, was living in military housing in Pearl Harbor when fuel spills last year contaminated the Navy drinking water system that serves 93,000 people .

Before the crisis hit around Thanksgiving, Wilson says she had dizziness and migraines.

“I go to the doctor and tell her about the dizziness and she says, wow, that’s weird. You are the fifth woman in two weeks with symptoms of vertigo. It could be something environmental,” Wilson said.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the State Department of Health said in a September survey that 9,700 households were potentially exposed to jet fuel in water.

At first, military medical teams saw 6,000 patients.

During a hearing on Capitol Hill on Wednesday, U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono (D-Hawaii) asked the VA about its efforts to track people exposed to jet fuel. Surveillance is based on a register created by the Ministry of Defence.

“Red Hill is one of the cohorts we are concerned about,” said Dr. Patricia Hastings, chief consultant for military exposure health outcomes at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

“This is a cohort that we will follow in the future and it will be decades of follow-up,” Hastings said.

VA leaders say Red Hill veterans are included in the PACT law signed into law earlier this year, expanding VA coverage to 3.5 million veterans exposed to toxic substances.

“Jet fuels are what the military uses and we need to know more about them,” Hastings said.

“It’s not exactly a Camp LeJeune scenario, but we’re going to look at it the same way,” she added.

Separately, the VA launched new screening for toxic exposure at medical appointments and screened more than 13,000 veterans nationwide.

“We want to make sure these families, the thousands of families who have been impacted by the toxic release, that their health care needs to be addressed going forward,” Hirono told Hawaii News Now.

While Wilson’s symptoms have improved slightly, she says she can’t sing because she’s ultra sensitive to sound.

She added that VA tracking is a start, but adds that she navigates toxic exposure without any guidance.

“I ask to be studied. I don’t care what they have to do to me,” Wilson said. “It is unfortunately a glimpse of our future. I’m really scared. It’s the truth.”

She added: “I’m ready to feel better and my biggest fear is that they wait too long.”

How to avoid falling back into the debt trap Mon, 14 Nov 2022 18:34:41 +0000

Staying out of credit card debt is the next step after getting out of credit card debt. In the world of personal finance, you often hear about the four main steps to financial success:

  • Have an emergency fund
  • Pay off the debt
  • Save for future expenses
  • Investing for long-term expenses and retirement

What we don’t talk about much is having no debt once you’ve paid off your debt the first time around. For the purposes of this article, we’ll be talking about credit card debt, but many of these principles can be applied to other “bad” debts like personal loans, excessive auto loans, excessive student loans and payday loans.

For many people, getting out of debt is the start of a rollercoaster of debt accumulation and repayment, and then debt accumulation. While it’s success every time you pay off your debt, the next big step is to get out of debt in the first place.

So how do you avoid getting into debt once you’ve gotten rid of your debt? There are several different strategies, and each has its pros and cons.

Pay cash for everything

Some people find they just can’t control their spending when they have credit cards in their pocket. In this situation, avoiding credit cards altogether is the right answer. Of course, you won’t earn cash back or other perks, but those perks aren’t worth building up a balance that you can’t pay off at the end of the month. Be honest with yourself: are you in a place where you can use your credit cards responsibly?

I am not advocating that no one should ever use credit. Far from it: credit is a useful tool and can be a huge ramp to achieve your financial goals, but I agree that some people shouldn’t use credit at all. We must know our own limits in life.

Save for future expenses

I’m a big fan of pre-planning your expenses and saving for expenses in advance. It’s a smart money move, but the reason I like it is because it makes spending less stressful. The child breaks his glasses? No problem, there’s money in the health spending account for that. Uniform boots exploding? The bigger issue is whether the right boots will be in stock, not how to pay for them.

There are a hundred ways to save for future expenses. Some banks allow you to maintain sub-accounts within a single bank account. Many people use a spreadsheet. I have about 10 different savings accounts. Physical envelopes with cash work. (It was our first step into pre-planned spending, and it changed our financial lives.)

It does not matter How? ‘Or’ What you do it, as long as you do it.

Build guardrails into your financial plan

Guardrails are important in life. They keep you on balconies, they keep cars from crashing into rivers, and they help keep your financial life on track. There’s not much damage you can do if you’ve built the right railings.

What do financial safeguards look like? Sometimes they are tricky. They can be general, like “don’t spend more than you earn each month”, or very specific, like “we only order pizza twice a month”. They can relate to a certain expense category, a certain dollar amount, or a certain percentage of something. A common guideline used to be that you shouldn’t spend more than 25% of your monthly income on housing – although this guideline may have flexed a bit lately.

The big guards I’ve heard of include never spending more than $100 without sleeping on it, always buying something used before you buy it new, and following a pre-organized financial plan.

Ultimately, avoiding getting into debt requires as much discipline as getting into debt in the first place. It’s a bit easier because you generally have more financial freedom once you’re debt free and have experience doing tough things with your money. Use the skills you learned while paying off your debt to avoid getting into debt again. You can do it.

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Sons of the American Revolution Presents Certificate to Kern Family Health Care Sat, 12 Nov 2022 02:14:00 +0000

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) – The Kern Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution recognized Kern Family Health Care on Veterans Day to honor veterans and active duty military personnel providing health care in the county of Kern.

The SAR Color Guard presented employees of Kern Family Health Care with a certificate recognizing the organization for properly displaying the American flag and for honoring veterans employed by KFHC.

The Sons of the American Revolution is a non-profit organization founded in 1889 in San Francisco. RAD Chairman Michael Davis said they are dedicated to teaching young people about American history and promoting patriotism, especially on a day like Veterans Day.

“It’s events like this where we can come out in our uniforms and present something like a flag certificate to a company that has demonstrated the patriotism that we love so much and really want to highlight,” Davis said.

Esmeralda Cazares is one of the veterans working at Kern Family. She served in the United States Marine Corps for seven years working on helicopters.

“Well, the main reason a lot of us veterans joined the military was to fight for our country and for our freedom, so it’s kind of rewarding to work for a company that respects that. and honor that sacrifice,” Cazares said.

For Emily Duran, CEO of Kern Family Health Care, celebrating veterans is personal. She says when the new KFHC building opened in 2019, she wanted to represent her homeland, and flying the American flag was one of the first decisions.

“We have several veterans who work for Kern Family Health Care, and we greatly appreciate and respect all of the work and sacrifices they have made,” Duran said. “Also, as the mother of someone who currently has her son on active duty and a family of veterans, we greatly appreciate everything, again, what everyone has done to ensure that we have these liberties and liberties.”

The ceremony moved Duran to tears as he thought of his son.

Bruce Wearda is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution and he also works for the Kern family. He says he nominated KFHC as a candidate to receive the flag certificate and wanted to make Veterans Day a special day for employees.

“Then I got to thinking, ‘Wait a second. It’s Veterans Day,'” Wearda said. presenting the certificate while at the same time honoring veterans who actually work at Kern Family Care together, so we can have a better Veterans Day celebration.”

Cazares explains flag etiquette, saying it’s important to fly the American flag respectfully and to make sure the canton, the blue field with the 50 stars, is always at the top left.

“You definitely don’t want to drag it around,” advises Cazares. “You don’t want it to wrap around the pole and just sort of get tangled up. We want to make sure it’s always displayed, and you want to wear it with respect.

Instructions regarding the proper way to store, display, fly, clean, and remove an American flag can be found on the United States Government Flag Etiquette website.

Supporting soldiers in our community and their families Wed, 09 Nov 2022 10:11:03 +0000

As Veterans Day approaches, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank veterans in our community for their service to our country, including the more than 400 veterans who currently work for Lee Health. I would also like to thank Lee Health’s Military Support Program and its founder, Kim Gaide, Manager of the Community Benefits Outreach Program within our Community Affairs Department. Since 2003, the Military Support Program has been assisting, encouraging, comforting and supporting Lee County servicemen and servicewomen and their families.

larry antonucci

The program supports active duty troops throughout the year by sending monthly care packages with personal hygiene and comfort items, as well as cutting and sending coupons to military families to use in base stores. The Military Support Program also communicates with military families for any immediate needs, such as food and utilities. The support doesn’t end after deployment, as Kim and her volunteers assist returning troops with VA benefits, wheelchairs or durable medical equipment needs, or with readjustment to civilian life.