Civilian Surgeon Orders Investigation After Sadar Hospital Staff Discover ‘Burnt’ Drugs | Ranchi News

Chatra: The Chatra District Civil Surgeon’s Office opened an investigation after an alleged video of a pharmacist at Sadar Hospital burning huge stocks of drugs on the hospital premises surfaced. The video, which is said to be five days old, went viral, after which action was launched. The pharmacist, however, said he only burns empty cartons and not drugs.
On Tuesday, civilian surgeon Dr SN Singh said he had formed a team to investigate the incident against pharmacist Shailendra Thakur, who was allegedly featured in the video.
Sources said, however, that drugs including calcium, iron tablets, ORS, syringes, saline solutions and injections given during pregnancy and at the time of childbirth and others were burned.
The sources further stated that the government provides drugs to all health centers for free distribution to patients, but neglect in distribution results in expiration of these drugs.
Many political party leaders have demanded an investigation and action against the culprits involved in the fire. They claimed that doctors, instead of doing their duty in health centers, are occupied in private practices and that health workers also do not care about patients. They even alleged that since doctors prescribe expensive drugs, those provided by the government for free distribution often pass their expiration date and are discarded.
“A team has been formed for a thorough investigation. In response to the show cause notice, the pharmacist claimed he was burning empty cartons and not drugs, ”said Dr Singh.

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