Commandant of Martin Military Hospital on New DoD Medical Records Database

FORT BENNING, Ga. (WRBL)— Martin Army Community Hospital is set to implement a new Department of Defense electronic health database system in less than two weeks.

The database called MHS Genesis will integrate inpatient and outpatient medical records, making them available in a single system for patients 24/7 from anywhere in the world from June 11, 2022.

Currently, at Martin Army Hospital, medical records, patient portals, and other information are spread across several separate platforms. Once the rollout process is complete, patients will be able to access MHS Genesis to access records, lab results, renew prescriptions, schedule appointments, and communicate directly with their healthcare provider.

Martin Army Hospital Commandant Col. Kevin Kelly says the new database will improve their ability to provide high-quality, safe health care to their 50,000 patients in the Columbus area.

“This system, with this improved technology, will give our doctors and nurses more information to make decisions at the bedside. And then we will also give leaders more collective information that will help us make decisions to improve the quality of care we provide to patients,” says Colonel Kelly.

Martin Military Hospital has been training for more than a year to switch to the new database, and while it will speed up the long-term healthcare process, Colonel Kelly says there will be a period of transition.

“We want our patients to know that we are committed to providing high quality healthcare. I am committed to it and I will continue to be committed to it. The system is a new system for our staff. So during this shift we want to make sure we’re doing it right and that’s going to slow us down a bit initially. We can therefore expect a decrease in the availability of appointments and delays in some of our services, but that’s just to get it right. For example, we do 3,000 prescriptions a day here at Martin Army, and we want to make sure that every prescription is done correctly in the new system with the right patient, the right dose, the right medication,” says Colonel Kelly.

This database will be available to active military personnel and recipients enrolled in Martin Army. Going forward, the Department of Defense will use this same system with the Veterans Administration.

“Currently, MHS Genesis that will be rolled out in Martin is intended for beneficiaries enrolled at our facility. The Department of Defense will use the same system as the Veterans Administration. Going forward once it’s fully deployed, but it’s not quite there yet,” Colonel Kelly says, at this point the MoD is about 50% complete with the deployment of MHS Genesis in military processing facilities internationally and believes they will. be done within the next year.

Col. Kelly also says the long-term vision for this program is to provide 24/7 access to a patient’s medical records, including instant access to first responders in emergency situations. .

“Once the system is fully utilized, we expect information to be available and documented from the point of injury to the treatment facility, including care en route via EMS. It won’t be the initial state here at Fort Benning, we’ll get it into the military processing facilities first. This is the long-term vision of this system”, adds Colonel Kelly. “From the battlefield to any military treatment center, their health information will be available.”

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