Diet ID and partners demonstrate the value proposition of food as a medicine

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2021 / – Plan ID, the digital health SaaS company founded by Dr David L. Katz, has finally made it possible to measure the return on investment of improving the quality of a population’s diet. Employers, healthcare providers, and payers invest billions of dollars each year to improve nutrition, as a person with a food-related illness can cost up to $ 19,000 in additional healthcare costs per year. Helping people improve their health leads to a happier, healthier and less expensive workforce; it makes sense to invest in the nutritional health of employees.

Diet ID now enables rapid and direct measurement and analysis of a population’s diet-related chronic disease risk, as well as the calculation of estimated cost savings from lifestyle interventions. Diet ID’s Effortless Eating Assessment can be deployed in one day across an entire employee base. Employees complete the image-based assessment in just one minute, generating a detailed analysis of the quality of the diet for each individual as well as for the general population.

For one of those employers with 287 participating employees, Diet ID was able to demonstrate projected cost savings of $ 137,552 in less than five months by helping its users improve the average quality of their diet, as measured by ‘an objective scale called the Healthy Eating Index. The analysis was carried out quickly during the intervention period. Without Diet ID, this employer would have had to wait two or more years to understand efficiency and cost savings, far too long to fully understand and optimize the success of a short-term wellness investment.

“The association between diet quality and key health outcomes is well established,” said Dr Walter Willett, professor of epidemiology and nutrition at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. “This effort highlights the potential to save lives and money through interventions that even modestly improve eating habits.”

Dr David Katz, Founder and CEO of Diet ID, added: “Diet ID makes disease prevention at scale possible because we make it easy to measure and manage the most important primary indicator of health outcomes: power quality. By working with several large employers, Diet ID has redefined the standard for measuring ROI for wellness. By using Diet Quality as a key performance indicator instead of simple engagement metrics, Diet ID can help our partners achieve big and significant savings.

This afternoon, Diet ID is hosting a webinar titled ROI of Food as Medicine. To register, go to:

About Diet ID
Founded by Dr. David Katz, an expert in lifestyle and preventive medicine, Diet ID is the best way to measure and manage the quality of diet, the most important factor for health and well-being. The company offers innovative digital tools that enable people to assess and improve their diet using an effortless image-based experience, coupled with personalized and guided micro-challenges. With Diet ID, people around the world can finally see diet as a vital sign.

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