Exceptional Community Hospital accepting all insurances

The Exceptional Community Hospital-Maricopa is open [Stock]

The city’s first hospital opened on Wednesday, bringing 24-hour emergency care and inpatient services to Maricopa for the first time. With this opening came questions about the insurance plans taken out by the hospital.

According to Exceptional Healthcare CEO Saeed Mahboubi, the new hospital, known as Exceptional Community Hospital-Maricopa, accepts all plans.

“Exceptional community hospital-Maricopa honors all networked benefits for the emergency services provided to our patients, ”he said. “We bill the co-payments, deductibles and coinsurance network. We accept all commercial insurance plans and all Medicare, Medicaid (ACCCHS), TriCare and HIS / Tribal and VA plans. Exceptional Community Hospital-Maricopa is state licensed but is awaiting Medicare certification. Once Medicare is certified, we will bill for services after the Medicare enrollment date. Medicare, Medicaid, and TriCare services will not be billed to insurance or patient until Medicare certification.

The new hospital is located in the heart of Maricopa on State Route 347 at the south end of the overpass. The state-of-the-art 20,000-square-foot facility includes nine inpatient rooms and eight emergency treatment rooms, allowing the sick or injured in the city to receive emergency care without a half-hour commute to the hospital to Chandler or Casa Grande.

The main feature of the hospital is its 24-hour emergency department. But it includes a hospital specializing in internal medicine, an internal laboratory and a digital imaging suite including a scanner, x-ray, mobile MRI and an ultrasound.

Mahboubi said the status of the insurance network should not affect the hospital’s ability to provide care to anyone who needs it.

“We not balance the patient bill for any amount exceeding the costs of the network’s services, so the status of the network with health plans should not hinder access to emergency care for any insured member of the community, ”he said. -he declares. “We value people who choose the Exceptional Maricopa Community Hospital and are committed to providing specialist medical care to the entire community and to all patients in need. “

Exceptional said its goal is to provide minimal wait times, caring staff, highly individualized care and cutting-edge technology, ensuring that the needs for quality care and services are met in every way.

Opening of the city’s first hospital – InMaricopa

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