FAIR Health Launches Interactive Maps Showing COVID-19 Hospitalization and Treatment Costs State by State


For each channel, the average and median amount of the charges and the estimated authorized amount are indicated:

  • Mean: The value calculated by dividing the sum of all values ​​by the number of values.
  • Median: The midpoint of the distribution of values ​​below and above which there is an equal number of values.
  • Amount of fees: The amount billed to a patient who is uninsured or who obtains service off-grid.
  • Estimated authorized amount: Estimate of the total charges negotiated between an insurance plan and a provider for a network service. It includes both the portion payable by the plan member and the portion payable by the plan.

The new tool offers two views:

  • State by State Profiles: Click a state on the map for a state-specific infographic showing the average and median fee amount and the estimated allowed amount for the three COVID-19 treatment pathways.
  • National heat maps: Each of the six heat maps shows the average and median costs for a single COVID-19 treatment path by state for on-grid or off-grid values. Shaded areas on maps indicate ranges, with the darker states being those with the highest median total processing costs.

The tool uses data from the most recent version of FH® COVID-19 benchmarks total treatment costs. Referrals, in turn, are based on FAIR Health’s extensive private health care claim repository, the largest such database in the country.

COVID-19 Medical and Hospitalization Costs by State is the latest addition to States by the Numbers, FAIR Health’s geographic window series on health data. Previous examples of States by the Numbers include Monthly Regional Telehealth Tracking, which tracks telehealth use by region across the country, and Opioid Abuse and Dependence: State by State, an Interactive Geographic Study. on opioid abuse and dependence.

President of FAIR Santé Robin gelburd said, “FAIR Health is pleased to launch COVID-19 Medical and Hospitalization Costs by State as a public service to provide stakeholders with valuable information on health spending related to the pandemic. put into practice. “

For COVID-19 medical and hospital expenses by state, click here.

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FAIR Health is a national, independent, non-profit organization that is considered a public charity under section 501 (c) (3) of the Federal Tax Code. It is dedicated to transparency of health care costs and health insurance information through data products, consumer resources and support for health systems research. FAIR Health has the largest collection of private health care claims data in the country, comprising over 35 billion claims records and growing at a rate of over 2 billion claims per year. FAIR Health licenses its privately billed data and data products, including benchmark modules, data visualizations, personalized analytics and market indices, to commercial and auto-insurers, employers, providers, hospitals and health systems, government agencies, researchers and others. Certified by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) as a Qualified National Entity, FAIR Health also receives data representing the experience of all those enrolled in traditional Medicare Parts A, B, and D; FAIR Health includes data on Medicare Advantage registrants among the private claims data in its database. FAIR Health can produce insightful analytical reports and data products based on combined Medicare and commercial claims data for government, providers, payers, and other authorized users. FAIR Health’s systems for processing and storing protected health information have achieved HITRUST CSF certification and have achieved AICPA SOC 2 compliance by meeting the stringent data security requirements of these standards. Demonstrating the reliability and objectivity of FAIR Health’s data, the data has been incorporated into laws and regulations across the country and designated as the official and neutral data source for a variety of state health programs. , including workers’ compensation and personal injury protection. programs (PIP). FAIR Health data serves as an official benchmark in support of some national balance billing laws that protect consumers from bills for emergency and off-grid surprise services. FAIR Health also uses its database to power a free consumer website available in English and Spanish, which allows consumers to estimate and plan their health expenses and provides a rich educational platform on insurance. sickness. An English / Spanish mobile app offers the same educational platform in a concise format and links to cost estimating tools. The website has been honored by the White House Smart Disclosure Summit, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), URAC, eHealthcare Leadership Awards, appPicker, Employee Benefits News and Kiplinger’s personal finances. FAIR Health is also named a premier resource for patients in Dr. Marty Makary’s book The Price We’re Paying: What Broke American Healthcare And How To Fix It and the book by Dr Elisabeth Rosenthal An American Illness: How Health Care Became Big Business and How You Can Get It Back. For more information on FAIR Health, visit fairhealth.org.

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