GovX Launches New Marketplace for Shopify Merchants to Reach Military, First Responder, and Medical Services Communities

“With the launch of GovX Marketplace, we are offering brands an exciting new way to reach mission-driven audiences.” – Alan Cole, CEO of GovX

GovX Inc today announced the launch of GovX Marketplace, a one-of-a-kind direct-to-consumer sales channel available now to Shopify merchants. With GovX Marketplace, Shopify customers can easily reach the growing community of over 5 million members who rely on for exclusive offers that honor their service in the military, first responders, medical services and fields. related government.

The GovX Marketplace is an evolution of the free GovX ID Shopify app introduced in 2019, which is used by thousands of Shopify merchants. GovX ID securely verifies a client’s status as a current or former member of the U.S. military, law enforcement, firefighters, first responders, healthcare workers, and service communities in uniform associated. When activated on a Shopify merchant’s website, the digital ID card allows merchants to quickly offer protected discounts exclusively to those who have served. Many online merchants today use insecure or manual methods to check customer service records, some relying on the honor system, opening them up to fraudulent use of discounts. GovX ID offers a safe, secure and reliable alternative.

With today’s announcement, merchants with the GovX ID Shopify app enabled can now easily extend their brand to, the leading online site 100% focused on serving customers with service-related training. .

Joining the GovX marketplace gives brands their own listing on and instant access to over 5 million engaged users. customers who click on a GovX Marketplace listing will be directed to the merchant’s site, discount code in hand, to complete their transaction. All orders from are 100% traceable and merchants only pay a small commission for verified transactions.

Registration on the GovX Marketplace is completely free and merchants can choose to target their discounts to specific members of the GovX community (military, police, nurses, teachers, etc.) as well as the specific discount they wish to offer. Creating their GovX Marketplace list can be done with just a few clicks from their Shopify administrator account.

“With the launch of GovX Marketplace, we are offering brands an exciting new way to reach a mission-driven audience,” said GovX CEO Alan Cole. “By offering discounts to those who protect our country and our communities, stores can retain customers, drive sales and demonstrate respect for those who serve. ”

To join the GovX Marketplace, make sure your Shopify store is activated with the GovX ID.

ABOUT GOVX is for men and women of service. A members-only online destination for military and first responders, the site offers thousands of products from hundreds of brands at exclusive lower-than-retail prices. Membership includes serving and veteran U.S. military personnel, firefighters, law enforcement officials, federal agents, healthcare workers, and personnel from relevant government agencies. For more information visit

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