Healthcare providers using cost estimation tool, medical cost transparency

SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WNDU) – In an effort to be more transparent about the pricing of medical procedures, the South Bend Clinic is making a “cost estimate” tool available to patients.

“As many of us now have high deductible health care plans and the cost of health care has gone up, the cost has also become a consideration, and there is a real need for all of us to become savvy consumers. health care, ”South Bend Clinic family physician, Dr. Bob Oppman, said.

This tool is increasingly common among healthcare providers and generally includes a wide range of services that allow patients to know the costs.

“If they know a cost up front, they’re more likely to get a diagnostic test or procedure that they would otherwise have postponed for fear of thinking it might just be unaffordable for them,” Oppman said. .

Those at the South Bend Clinic say transparency is so important so patients can better plan and prepare, as there can be a lot of variability in prices.

“It gives people the knowledge up front as to what the cost might be, then shop that locally with a high quality supplier and find out what those costs will be up front,” Oppman said.

Dr Oppman says they have received great feedback from patients who have taken advantage of the tool for their healthcare.

“What we want to do is take away the uncertainty that comes with the cost and am I going to sink financially because I really need to do it, but what will be the implication for the rest of my life in terms of budget and everything? We want to take that uncertainty away, ”Oppman said.

To view the cost estimator with the South Bend Clinic, click here. Other health care providers in Michiana offer a similar tool, such as Beacon Health System, Saint Joseph Health System, and Goshen Health.

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