Johnny Mercer announces veterans injured in the line of duty will get a £5m healthcare boost | Politics | New

The new Minister of Veterans Affairs said the money will support the development and testing of treatments, techniques and interventions for the wounded, injured or sick.

He said much-needed funding would include work on “direct skeletal examination Fixation” – a pioneering technique for fixing prostheses directly to the bone and giving amputees greater mobility.

The money will also support further research on how to better treat victims of blast injuries over time and how drugs can improve the long-term treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). .

Traumatic brain injury research and innovative therapies to reduce injury scarring will also be enhanced.

Mr Mercer said: ‘Our military veterans deserve the best physical and mental health care money can buy.’

“That’s why it’s only right that we invest money to explore how the latest innovations and technology can be used to help achieve this goal.”

“I want to make the UK the best place in the world to be a veteran. This means making sure that we do everything we can to help ensure better health and employment outcomes for those who have
sacrificed so much for us.

The former army officer, who was promoted to his new post by Boris Johnson two weeks ago, has pledged to hold the next prime minister accountable for the wellbeing of veterans.

He wrote an open letter to veterans and their families expressing his determination to continue to fight for improvements and implement the Veterans Strategy action plan.

“We may well be at a point of political uncertainty right now,” he said.

“But whatever the outcome in the coming weeks, I will keep pushing to ensure the Government is making this step change in support for veterans to ensure it is felt by all
who has served and sacrificed so much.

Applications for the £5m fund are open until the end of August and the money will be awarded shortly thereafter. Submissions will be handled by the Veterans Affairs Bureau.

There are four themes – digital, data and technology – surgical techniques, bioengineering and rehabilitation – public health, pain management, sight and hearing loss – women’s health needs.

Organizations will receive grants or contracts to research or test breakthrough treatments.

The Cabinet Office said: ‘The funding is a recognition that science and technology are constantly changing and new techniques and procedures are developing at pace, so the money will identify the latest developments to ensure the treatment of veterans is informed. by the latest research and development. in clinical care.

“It will bring the best of British innovation to the needs of our veterans, recognizing their unique health needs arising from their service.

According to the Royal British Legion, around 95,000 working-age veterans with a service-related injury receive compensation.

The conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan between 2001 and 2014 alone saw 22,000 military men and women discharged from the armed forces for reasons of physical or mental health.

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