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Illinoisans deserve better than Darin LaHood’s obvious disdain for voters. He constantly votes against us, without explanation.

He voted against infrastructure legislation, against the CHIPS and Science Act, against veterans’ health care, against the shortage of infant formula, against the reduction of fuel, food and energy costs . He voted against capping insulin at $35 – still astronomically higher than other countries. He voted against consumer protections, to remove health care coverage protecting pre-existing conditions, and to dramatically increase health care costs.

Forcing pregnancies on children is not a pro-life position. LaHood and the Republicans want to control women and their doctors regarding all reproductive health care.

True pro-life means protecting the lives and safety of our children and communities through increased regulation of assault rifles and the implementation of red flag gun laws. Opposite how Republicans vote.

Pro-Family would prohibit pregnancy-related discrimination, protect rights to overtime pay, and allow class action lawsuits. Darin LaHood voted against these proposals and opposed the initial payment of child tax credits. He voted against the hugely popular US bailout. Despite the Republican obstruction, these measures have propelled our economic recovery with direct aid (health premiums, housing, childcare costs).

He does not lead town hall meetings, telling local radio that he “doesn’t like getting ‘gotcha’ questions”. LaHood knows our media won’t push back.

LaHood’s communications with voters are mostly complaints against Democrats, with no solutions.

If you are or someone in your life is: a veteran, LGBTQI+, female, parent, teacher, person of color, diabetic, or of a non-Christian religion, then now is a good time to rethink your loyalty to these people. of-touch, arrogant Republican politicians. It goes beyond not caring, to harming us directly. At the local level, they plan to undermine democracy, women’s and LGBTQI+ rights, destroy public libraries and ban books.

Vote. But vote for humanity, not against individual freedoms or for politicians who ignore us.

Brenda Wernick, Bloomington

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