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PARKERSBURG — A local car and truck dealership received a 2022 Health Plan Hero award at a March 29 ceremony in Washington.

Matheny Motors’ leadership has been recognized for its outstanding employer-sponsored healthcare program by national healthcare industry professionals through a program developed by the national non-profit organization Patients Rising, which rewards companies with health plans that expand access to care while reducing costs for patients.

“Employer-sponsored insurance was the gold standard for Americans,” Terry Wilcox, co-founder and executive director of Patients Rising, said. “Matheny Motors and the companies honored today are leading the way in providing best-in-class coverage for their employees and proving that it is possible to provide insurance that protects both employer and employee wallets.”

Matheny Motors was honored along with five other companies and was recognized for its health plan which implemented a relationship-based nurse navigator program to guide specialty medications and vendor selection, among other areas.

“Our passionate nurse navigator and the entire benefits team continue to fight the good fight for us and our employees,” Matt Martin, chief human resources officer for Matheny Motors, said. “Our health plan has gone from a very underperforming one to a powerful recruiting tool for new hires,”

Care accessible through the plan reduced patient cost sharing to zero in most cases and Matheny Motors saved $375,000 in health plan costs.

“Our people across our organization were ready for a change and we were ready to give it to them,” said Martin. “We never could have imagined the life-changing impacts of our employees guiding them to high-quality providers.”

The rewards program was launched in response to nationwide increases in health coverage premiums and deductibles. Family premiums have increased by an average of 22% from 2015 to 2020 and deductibles for covered single workers have increased by 25% over the same period.

“I regularly hear from patients who have outrageously high premiums and an impossible deductible to meet,” said Wilcox. “To top it off, the coverage they get from these plans is minimal”

Recipients of the Health Plan Hero award demonstrate a health plan that expands patient access to care, reduces out-of-pocket expenses, reduces employer expenses, and is competitive due to improved health, productivity, and benefits. labor savings.

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