More than 2,400 nursing homes achieve top ratings in the United States

By incorporating data on staffing and weekend infection rates for the first time, thousands of nursing homes have risen to the top of the charts in the latest US News and World Report rankings.

The 2022-23 list of “best retirement homes” was released on Tuesday. US News rates more than 15,000 nursing homes on factors including care, safety, infection rates, staffing and health inspections.

Specifically, US News used a variety of data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), including information on consistency of nurse staffing, use of antipsychotics, and success in preventing hospitalizations. and emergency room visits.

Long-term care ratings included whether a nursing home changed ownership and staff on weekends, and short-term ratings included success in preventing falls, serious infections, and ability for a resident to to return to his place.

The metrics monitored are part of CMS’s efforts to improve its five-star quality rating system; the agency began publishing weekend staffing and turnover rates on its Medicare Care Compare site earlier this year.

In July, CMS began evaluating these metrics against other five-star factors, including:

  • Total number of nursing staff hours per resident per day on weekends, including RNs, Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), and Certified Practical Nurses (CPNs)
  • Total annual turnover of nursing staff
  • AI revenue in a given year
  • Annual number of administrators who have left the nursing home

The five-star “stool” consists of three legs, including staffing, quality and regulatory measures. Historically, regulatory metrics have been weighted the most by CMS, followed by staffing, then quality.

There were 2,426 nursing homes (16%) across the country that were considered high performers in long-term care, acute care or both, according to US News data. Breaking it down even further, 1,658 nursing homes met the short-term rehabilitation high performance category and 1,103 facilities met the long-term care high performance standards.

Only 335 SNFs were high performers in both categories, according to the data.

California State had the top performing SNFs this year – 206 in the short-term category and 148 in the long-term category.

Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas follow as top performers.

“Choosing the right retirement home based on care needs and comfort is a critical decision for potential residents and their families,” Zach Adams, senior health data engineer at US News, said in a statement. “This year, new data available on weekend staffing and infection rates that led to hospitalizations provides even more insight into how nursing homes rank with respect to the safety of their residents.

Amy Stulick contributed to this report.

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