New company Serviam acquires SeniorVu with an eye on value-based care

Nearly three dozen industry operators and investors are backing a newly created company with a “triple purpose” to improve resident experience, health care outcomes and costs of care.

The new company, Serviam Care Network, announced this week that it has acquired leading senior living platform SeniorVu. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Serviam is backed by 20 investors and 12 senior living operators which the company will reveal at a later date, according to former SeniorVu CEO and current Serviam CEO Tim Donnelly. With such a wide range of industry stakeholders, he believes the organization will have a unique and holistic perspective on the industry’s continued evolution towards a system that is more focused on preventative care.

“Our movement is very much about this endpoint of value-based care and alignment of care providers,” Donnelly told Senior Housing News.

The launch of Serviam comes as other players in the retirement home industry focus on shifting to value-based care. Donnelly illustrated the change by highlighting other organizations with similar goals, including the Perennial Consortium, a carrier-owned MA network; and Lifespark, which partners with payers in value-based arrangements.

Along with the acquisition, Serviam launched a new platform called Via, which includes a CRM, applicant tracking system and integrated contact center. By launching the new platform, the company seeks to more closely align the various moving parts of senior living operations and support them with technology and data.

Specifically, he sees the new venture tackling the “triple bottom line” of fostering a better resident experience, improving health care outcomes and reducing associated costs.

Two of Serviam’s big initiatives with the platform aim to help operators address two of their biggest operational challenges today: occupancy recovery and staffing.

“If you think about the two most important journeys that are locally run, that’s the elder’s journey and that’s the carer’s journey,” Donnelly said. “And we’re helping those operators better manage those trips.”

Serviam, which is Latin for “I will serve”, is also a public benefit corporation, which Donnelly described as “a legal structure that holds the owners of the company to hold themselves publicly accountable for their purpose.”

Looking to the future, he sees Serviam as serving as a “significant aggregator” in the movement towards value-based care.

“We’re really going to focus on getting people to work together,” he said. “One of the themes we have as an organization [is that ]we must unite as a force for good.

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