North Korea’s special military investigation reveals combat reserve shortages – Radio Free Asia

A North Korean investigation of military combat reserve supplies revealed poor maintenance and discrepancies between inventory records and actual supplies of food, fuel and medicine, military sources told RFA .

North Korea’s total military count of 1.47 million in 2018 ranked it third in the world that year, behind only China and India, and the country remains technically at war with South Korea. and its ally the United States.

“Pursuant to Central Military Commission Order 0035 issued in early June, we are conducting an intensive inspection of the maintenance status of the combat reserve supply storage,” a member of the North Korean military said Wednesday. in the northwestern province of North Pyongan in the Korean service of the FRG. .

“The Ministry of the People’s Armed Forces, the Department of the General Staff, the General Political Bureau, the Rear General Service Bureau and the Korean People’s Army Military Security Command jointly organized inspection teams. and inspected the combat reserve supply storage maintenance status for all military units since June 10eSaid the source, who requested anonymity to speak freely.

According to the source, the ministry and staff department inspect corps-level units or higher twice a year and three times a year for divisions and brigades, and quarterly for regiment-level units or higher. inferior.

“The regular inspection in the first half of this year revealed many problems such as poor maintenance of war reserves and insufficient quantity compared to written documents. This is why the Party’s Central Military Commission issued a special inspection order, ”the source said.

“Due to the serious storage and maintenance problems of combat reserve supplies reported to the Central Party, this special inspection was organized,” the source said.

“In addition to the punishment of those found guilty during the intensive military-wide inspection, the plan to distribute combat reserve equipment according to demand will also be under consideration,” the official said. source.

“All units were specifically asked if they were complying with the directive that requires them to create combat reserves by contributing 5% of daily state guaranteed supplies and military supplies they produce themselves. “the source said.

The inspection is underway simultaneously in all branches of the military and all units, according to the source.

Another serviceman from North Hamgyong Province, in the northeast of the country, told RFA on Thursday that commanders of all ranks and staff were worried that they could face immediate sanctions if they do not maintain. not properly reserve supplies or if the supplies they manage are damaged or inoperable.

“The primary focus of this inspection is on supplies like war fuel, food, combat suites, and medicine. All units typically run out of fuel, food, and medicine, so they often secretly draw from their supplies. reservations, ”the second source said.

“This is why many units have fewer reserves in reserve than what is listed in the records. Since the beginning of the inspection, the agents quickly seek the help of social institutions or the wealthy class to fill their shortages.

According to 2019 data from the CIA World Factbook, North Korea spent between 22% and 24% of its GDP, or around 3.7-4.2 billion US dollars each year between 2007 and 2017.

Reported by Myungchul Lee for the RFA Korean service. Translated by Jinha Shin. Written in English by Eugene Whong.

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