Owensboro Residents Earn National High Five Day Recognition

Today is National High Five and we have partnered with Jiffy Lube to honor some local residents who go above and beyond every day to make a difference for people in their lives and the lives of people they randomly meet.

A few weeks ago, we asked WBKR listeners to send us the names and photos of local “unsung” heroes. Our goal – to celebrate people who are not normally used to receiving public acclaim. We were looking for people who are just themselves and do what they do, not for some kind of recognition, but because that’s just who they are.

We’ve had some great nominations and we’ll spend the day sharing a few of them. After all, as I mentioned, it’s National High Five Day and it’s kind of a “virtual” High Five!


Tiffany Wimsatt

Tiffany Wimsatt

Eric Wimsatt was nominated by his wife, Tiffany. Eric has worked for the Owensboro Police Department for over five years now and, according to Tiffany, “takes some of the most horrific calls, but it never turns him away.” She admits he sacrifices holidays, birthdays, football games and other family events, but does so to protect our town. She says he has a passion for helping others and keeping Owensboro safe. Tiffany says, “He’s a hero not only to me, but to his kids as well.” She adds, “Both of our boys are so proud of their dad and we are blessed to have our hero in our lives.”


Wilma was nominated for a Virtual High Five by Halie Ellis. Halie says Wilma “Jean” “is THE definition of a Hometown Hero!” Jean has been a CASA advocate since 2018 and since that time has helped and advocated for several children in our community. Halie adds that before becoming a lawyer, “Jean was a registered nurse and dedicated her life to helping others.”

Sylvia Hoyt-Clary

Rose Greathouse

Rose Greathouse

Rose Greathouse named Sylvia Hoyt Clary and bargain shoppers here in Owensboro will likely agree to give her a big High Five! Sylvia works locally at the St. Vincent De Paul store and “is always nice and always has a smile on her face.”


Bobbie Jo Piper

Bobbie Jo Piper

Bobbie Jo Piper told us her daughter was her hero. How sweet is it? Bethanie Reynolds is also a mom. Bobbie says “she doesn’t have a lot of time to spend in the community because she’s busy at home.” And we are sure it is. You see, Bethanie is raising her own little community. She has Peyton, 4 months. Jason and Jackson will be two in October. Carter will be 3 years old. Bethanie has five children in total and is definitely a hero to them.

Happy National High Five Day to Eric, Jean, Sylvia and Bethanie! And stay tuned. We’ll have more signings and virtual High Fives to celebrate here at WBKR. And another big High Five to Jiffy Lube for helping us celebrate our unsung local heroes!

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