Science, Technology and Analytics Assessment at GAO: September 2022 Update

STAA in numbers

STAA’s interdisciplinary STEM expertise provides Congress with timely and relevant analysis of complex science and technology (S&T) issues. Since the creation of the team in 2019, it has…

  • Published 46 forward-looking assessments and succinct explanations of S&T issues
  • testified ten times on S&T matters and provided S&T support for 25 other GAO S&T related testimonials
  • Published 28 audit reports with 147 recommendations, 36 of which agencies have set up
  • Provides an overview of engineering sciences for 78 GAO Reports
  • Work with 23 Congress Committees
  • The expertise of 280 leading experts in 19 of our technology assessments
  • Collaborated on 2 reports published jointly with the National Academy of Medicine, with another in progress
  • Spoke to more than 420 outdoor events
  • Increased the staff of 49 people in fiscal year 2019 to 129 people in July 2022
    • Staff collectively hold 100 advanced STEM-related degrees, including 32 doctorates as of July 2022.

STAA milestones

  • Before 2019: The GAO has published technology assessments for nearly two decades.
  • 2019: STAA established itself and began to grow. First joint report published with the National Academy of Medicine. First testimony from the STAA on S&T issues. Creation of the innovation laboratory.
  • 2020: First annual meeting of the Polaris Council. First joint S&T report with another GAO team. Staffed Innovation Lab.
  • 2021: Publication of the artificial intelligence accountability framework. The team reaches 116 employees.
  • 2022: Deployment of an inappropriate payment integrity simulator. The team plans to reach 149 employees by September 2022.
  • 2023: Continue collaboration with the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development to support technology assessment. The team expects to grow to 165 employees.

STAA projects

As for FY2023, we will focus on a number of S&T issues that will impact our country. Future work focuses on emerging infectious diseases; artificial intelligence applications; nutritional science and equity; energy, environment and transport; US manufacturing and supply chain; national policy for research, safety and evaluations; and S&T capabilities for national and homeland security.

We will also continue to provide innovative ways to communicate better and more effectively with Congress and the federal science and technology community through ad hoc technical consultations and externally-focused writing or speaking events. .

For more information, contact Timothy Persons at [email protected] and John Neumann at [email protected].

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