Selling a home can be easy with Seattle Home Buyers, I Will Buy House.

The I Will Buy House team can help make life easier for homeowners looking to sell their home hassle-free.

Selling a home in Seattle can be stressful, with months of uncertainty in the market, cleaning, repairs, multiple visits, closing costs, commissions and open houses. Selling a property the traditional way can add more stress and make matters worse.

However, when homeowners choose to work with Seattle home buyers, I Will Buy House, they can rest assured that they are selling their home without any strings attached. Alex and Viktor, founders of I Will Buy House, joined forces in 2015.

The duo understand that life can put people in unfortunate situations they need help getting out of quickly, which is where they step in. Whenever they work with an owner, they always put themselves in their shoes.

Alex and Viktor can relate to owners who are struggling as they have been in difficult situations themselves. Viktors’ parents moved to the United States when he was only three years old after being persecuted in his country.

They settled in Washington and worked very hard to support their families. Sometimes their efforts weren’t enough and Viktor and his siblings would go to bed hungry. When the 2008 housing crisis hit, Viktor helped his parents after losing their home to foreclosure.

Likewise, Alex’s family moved to the United States when he was nine due to a lack of jobs in his home country. During the first years of their life in New York, their family lived off food stamps. Alex worked hard full time to support himself throughout college and pay off his student loans.

Viktor and Alex started their business when they saw their family and friends hurt by the 2008 housing crisis. So when they talk to homeowners facing challenges in their lives, whether they are related to the health, finances or family, they can sympathize with them because they know how much pain and anguish these problems can cause.

Working with I Will By House is straightforward, starting with a phone call to discuss the details of the property of interest; Once the company has reviewed the information, they can usually make a fair, all-cash offer within thirty minutes. From there, the fence can be done in about two weeks or entirely depending on the schedule and owner’s requirements.

They never have to worry about paying closing costs or worrying about the sale failing at the last minute.

Those looking for home buying businesses in Seattle are encouraged to contact I Will Buy House, where we buy homes for cash in Seattle. To learn more about the company and their easy home buying process, visit their official website and fill out a form to get a cash offer at

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Email: [email protected]

About I will buy a house

I Will Buy House is a Washington state-based home buying company that helps people facing difficult situations such as foreclosure, taxes, divorce, and more. I Will Buy House is proud to buy a home in Seattle and is proud to help members of its community.

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