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LAKE PLACID — The health of a person’s financial situation plays a role in their well-being situation, especially as we age. That is why Colleen McNallyOwner of Small town girl insurance of Lake Placidsponsored the 2022 Highlander Award for Financial Representative of the Year.

“I can’t tell you how many retirees come to upgrade their health insurance and the only thing that’s stopping them from getting all the protection they want and need is that they don’t have planned or that the plan they came up with on their own was simply not an effective strategy.

“The people who never seem to worry are the ones who had solid plans, and that usually involves a financial planner,” she said.

McNally, whose office is at 126 Dal Hall Blvd. downtown Lake Placidhelps organize health care, or more specifically, health care coverage for individuals, families and businesses.

As certified and United Healthcare licensed in Florida an agent for 13 years, she helps clients consider their needs, explore their choices and decide on a health insurance plan with confidence, she says on her website.

It offers several types of insurance:

Dual Special NeedsMedicare AdvantageMedicare SupplementPrescription Drug

McNally helps people age 65 and older transition to Medicare and Medicaid. She chose this career because she saw people struggle with insurance as she worked 22 years as a surgical assistant, 19 of which were at AdventHealth.

The seminars are necessary, she said, because Medicare and Medicaid are too complicated for people to easily understand. Even if people don’t buy anything from her, she says, it’s good that the consumer is better informed.

McNally is proud to be a sponsor this year for the Highlands News-Sun Highlander Prize 2022.

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