Society cleans up the mess of the unvaccinated – Michael Brandt | Letters to the Editor

No one should be vaccinated against their will. No one should be prevented from expressing their animosity towards vaccination mandates, including through open public protests. And no one but the anti-vaxxer should suffer the consequences when their right path takes a wrong turn.

A large majority of those hospitalized and dying have not been vaccinated. Faced with a deadly and highly transmissible virus, an alarming number are asserting their right to reject proven protection and take a chance.

As a result, our health care system has been strained and, in some places, overwhelmed by patients who could have easily avoided their disease. The huge expense of all this will undoubtedly result in higher insurance and health insurance premiums for all of us.

What anti-vaxxers may consider bold risk-taking really isn’t so bold when someone else has to sweep up your mess. Health professionals are willing to sacrifice time with their families, if not their own mental health, to provide care. Other workers and employers across the country contribute to insurance pools while the much-maligned government guarantees Medicare, Medicaid and unemployment benefits.

Those who choose not to be vaccinated have that right. The rest of us have the right to demand that they pay cash and go to the back of the line. What a show of true commitment that would be.

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