Sons of the American Revolution Presents Certificate to Kern Family Health Care

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) – The Kern Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution recognized Kern Family Health Care on Veterans Day to honor veterans and active duty military personnel providing health care in the county of Kern.

The SAR Color Guard presented employees of Kern Family Health Care with a certificate recognizing the organization for properly displaying the American flag and for honoring veterans employed by KFHC.

The Sons of the American Revolution is a non-profit organization founded in 1889 in San Francisco. RAD Chairman Michael Davis said they are dedicated to teaching young people about American history and promoting patriotism, especially on a day like Veterans Day.

“It’s events like this where we can come out in our uniforms and present something like a flag certificate to a company that has demonstrated the patriotism that we love so much and really want to highlight,” Davis said.

Esmeralda Cazares is one of the veterans working at Kern Family. She served in the United States Marine Corps for seven years working on helicopters.

“Well, the main reason a lot of us veterans joined the military was to fight for our country and for our freedom, so it’s kind of rewarding to work for a company that respects that. and honor that sacrifice,” Cazares said.

For Emily Duran, CEO of Kern Family Health Care, celebrating veterans is personal. She says when the new KFHC building opened in 2019, she wanted to represent her homeland, and flying the American flag was one of the first decisions.

“We have several veterans who work for Kern Family Health Care, and we greatly appreciate and respect all of the work and sacrifices they have made,” Duran said. “Also, as the mother of someone who currently has her son on active duty and a family of veterans, we greatly appreciate everything, again, what everyone has done to ensure that we have these liberties and liberties.”

The ceremony moved Duran to tears as he thought of his son.

Bruce Wearda is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution and he also works for the Kern family. He says he nominated KFHC as a candidate to receive the flag certificate and wanted to make Veterans Day a special day for employees.

“Then I got to thinking, ‘Wait a second. It’s Veterans Day,'” Wearda said. presenting the certificate while at the same time honoring veterans who actually work at Kern Family Care together, so we can have a better Veterans Day celebration.”

Cazares explains flag etiquette, saying it’s important to fly the American flag respectfully and to make sure the canton, the blue field with the 50 stars, is always at the top left.

“You definitely don’t want to drag it around,” advises Cazares. “You don’t want it to wrap around the pole and just sort of get tangled up. We want to make sure it’s always displayed, and you want to wear it with respect.

Instructions regarding the proper way to store, display, fly, clean, and remove an American flag can be found on the United States Government Flag Etiquette website.

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