Syndromic multiplexing, TAT, antimicrobial resistance movement, pandemic mitigation, an aging population at risk, driving growth

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Dublin, 15 Feb. 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Report “Respiratory Infection Diagnostics Markets by Technology, Plex, Location, Product and Region with Covid-19 Impact and Forecast/Analysis, and Executive and Consultant Guides” has been added to from offer.

COVID-19 has opened up the market for point-of-care respiratory infection testing. Now the competition for market share begins in earnest.

Great new markets are opening up. In healthcare facilities, clinics, doctor’s offices and elsewhere. And let’s not forget the testing market, not just for COVID, but also for the rest of the roughly 20 respiratory pathogens. Multiplex vs single plex? Explore the rapidly changing marketplace as competitors battle to establish themselves in new markets that are not yet well understood.

New technologies are forever changing the diagnosis of respiratory infections. Reducing the time to results opens up markets several times larger than current microbiology-based practice. The diagnosis has already passed to the emergency room. He is now transferred to the laboratory of the doctor’s office. Could the house be next?

The Multiplex factor is confusing the market while reducing costs and improving care, but significant factors are holding back progress. The widespread nature of respiratory infections (young people can catch 8 colds a year) means that the potential market sizes are huge.

Respiratory, already the largest category of infectious diseases could multiply in size. This is a growth opportunity for all diagnostics companies. Understand opportunity and risk with this detailed report.

Main topics covered:

1 Market guides
1.1 Respiratory Infection Dx Market, Situation Analysis and Impact of COVID-19
1.2 Guide for executives, marketing, sales and business development personnel
1.3 Management Advisor and Investment Advisor Guide

2 Introduction and market definition
2.1 What are respiratory infections?
2.2 The role of diagnosis and treatment
2.3 Market definition
2.3.1 Revenue Market Size
2.4 Methodology
2.4.1 Authors
2.4.2 Origin
2.5 Perspective: healthcare, the IVD industry and the COVID-19 pandemic
2.5.1 Global health expenditure
2.5.2 Diagnostic expenses
2.5.3 Important role of insurance for diagnostics

3 Market Overview
3.1 Players in a dynamic market
3.1.1 University research laboratory
3.1.2 Diagnostic test developer
3.1.3 Instrumentation supplier
3.1.4 Distributor and supplier of reagents
3.1.5 Independent test laboratory
3.1.6 National/regional public laboratory
3.1.7 Hospital laboratory
3.1.8 Laboratories in medical practices
3.1.9 Control body
3.1.10 Certification body
3.2 Respiratory infections
3.2.1 Superior vs Inferior – Marketing Implications
3.2.2 Understanding the role of pneumonia
3.2.3 Bacterial infections
3.2.4 Tuberculosis – A special case
3.2.5 Viral infections
3.2.6 Fungi and other pathogens
3.3 Diagnostics – An evolving role
3.3.1 Historical practice
3.3.2 Current diagnosis
3.3.3 The multiplex vector
3.3.4 Future diagnostics – The question of when and where
3.3.5 Diagnosis of respiratory infections – The destination
3.3.6 Diagnostics as defensive weapons
3.4 COVID-19
3.5 Pandemic diagnosis
3.5.1 Risk management – Spark and Spread
3.5.2 Dx Technology – Nucleic Acid Based
3.5.3 Dx Technology – Immunoassay and Serology
3.5.4 Time to market and readiness issues
3.5.5 Unrecognized role of the multiplex in the management of the pandemic

4 market trends
4.1 Factors promoting growth
4.1.1 Syndromic multiplexing
4.1.2 STAT
4.1.3 Antimicrobial resistance movement
4.1.4 Pandemic mitigation
4.1.5 An aging population at risk
4.2 Factors limiting growth
4.2.1 The cost curve
4.2.2 Regulation and coverage
4.2.3 laissez-faire
4.3 Instrumentation and Automation
4.3.1 The shrinking multiplexing machine
4.3.2 Bioinformatics networks and anonymous reporting
4.4 Development of diagnostic technology
4.4.1 The key role of time to results
4.4.2 Single-cell genomics is a game-changer
4.4.3 Pharmacogenomics blurs diagnosis and treatment
4.4.4 Identification of pathogens – A predictive timeline for the future

5 Diagnosis of respiratory infections Recent developments
5.1 Recent Developments – Importance and How to Use This Section
5.1.1 Significance of these developments
5.1.2 How to use this section
5.2 LGC is developing a “very high throughput” COVID workflow
5.3 Cue Health Files for IPO up to $100M
5.4 QuantuMDx Development of a multiplex system, syndromic panels
5.5 Bio-Rad Laboratories Obtain CE Mark for RT-PCR Respiratory Test Kit
5.6 BforCure Preparing multiple panels for the PoC qPCR platform
5.7 Angstrom Bio Raises $3M in Private Funding
5.8 Test them all
5.9 Hologic bets on MDx acquisitions
5.10 The pandemic brings portable qPCR devices closer to commercialization
5.11 Talis Biomedical 2020 Revenue Grows Sharply
5.12 Luminex will develop a Covid/Flu/RSV test
5.13 Becton Dickinson charts the transition of COVID diagnostics
5.14 MiRxes Receives Approval for Covid/Flu Multiplex Test
5.15 New silicon-based test for infectious disease screening
5.16 GenMark to respond to demand for respiratory panel
5.17 Tempus announces COVID-19 testing and data initiative
5.18 Abacus Diagnostica Preparing the multiplex breath test
5.19 Qiagen acquires NeuMoDx Molecular
5.20 Companies move to multiplex testing for SARS-CoV-2, flu
5.21 Novacyt obtains CE marking for the combined coronavirus, influenza and RSV panel
5.22 Cepheid launches 10-color technology with new TB test
5.23 BioMérieux Pneumonia panel could improve care
5.24 Mammoth Biosciences announces CRISPR C19 diagnostic
5.25 Genetic Signatures obtains CE marking for the C19 molecular test
5.26 Qiagen Respiratory Panel with C19 Receives CE Mark
5.27 Lumos Diagnostics Closes $15M Series A Funding
5.28 Fusion Genomics to Evaluate NGS Airway Test
5.29 Development of the C19 test by co-diagnosis
5.30 Rapid Diagnostics completes purchase of Enigma Diagnostics
5.31 A flu-like epidemic could kill 80 million people worldwide
5.32 Startup developing AI for TB detection
5.33 The Nipah virus, a global threat
5.34 Novacyt SA: new respiratory panel ready for the American market
5.35 New Ebola cases in DRC confirmed as FDA test OK
5.36 ResApp receives CE mark for telephone breath test
5.37 Curetis Submits Lower Respiratory Tract Infection Test for FDA Clearance
5.38 New test diagnoses pneumonia and other lower respiratory tract infections
5.39 Ontera awarded contract for Zika genotyping test
5.40 Two new members join the Global Diagnostics Network
5.41 BARDA Financing health security solutions

6 key player profiles
6.1 Abacus Diagnostica
6.2 Abbott Diagnosis
6.3 Accelerate diagnostics
6.4 Ador Diagnostics
6.5 Akonni Biosystems
6.6 Alveo Technologies
6.7 Applied BioCode
6.8 Aus Diagnosis
6.9 Beckman Coulter Diagnosis
6.10 Becton, Dickinson and company
6.11 Binx Health
6.12 Biocartis
6.13 bioMérieux Diagnostics
6.14 Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
6.15 Bosch Healthcare Solutions GmbH
6.16 Cepheid (now Danaher)
6.17 Co-Diagnosis
6.18 Biomedical Diagnostics Credo
6.19 Landmark Health
6.20 Curetis AG / Curetis GmbH
6.21 Diagenode diagnosis
6.22 Diascopic
6.23 Diasorin SpA
6.24 Enzo Life Sciences, Inc.
6.25 Eurofins Scientific
6.26 Fluxergy
6.27 Fulgent Genetics
6.28 Genome fusion
6.29 Genetic signatures
6.30 GenMark Dx
6.31 Hibergenic Diagnosis
6.32 Hological
6.33 Immunexpress
6.34 Inflammatix
6.35 Investech
6.36 Janssen Diagnosis
6.37 Karius
6.38 Lexagen
6.39 LightDeck Diagnosis
6.40 Luminex Corp.
6.41 Lumos Diagnosis
6.42 Mammoth Biosciences
6.43 Maxim Biomedical
6.44 Meridian Bioscience
6.45 Mesa Biotech
6.46 Millipore Sigma
6.47 Mindray
6.48 Mobidiag
6.49 Mological
6.50 Nanomix
6.51 Operon
6.52 Oxford nanopore technologies
6.53 Panagen
6.54 Perkin Elmer
6.55 Primer design
6.56 Prominex
6.57 Qiagen Gmbh
6.58 Quantumdx
6.59 Quidel
6.60 Roche Molecular Diagnostics
6.61 Diagnosis of the saw
6.62 Seegene
6.63 Siemens Healthineers
6.64 Sona Nanotech
6.65 SpeedDx
6.66 T2 Biosystems
6.67 Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.
6.68 Veramarx
6.69 Veredus Laboratories
6.70 Visby Medical
6.71 XCR Diagnosis

7 The Global Respiratory Infection Diagnostics Market

8 Global Respiratory Infection Diagnostics Markets – By Technology

9 Global Respiratory Infection Diagnostics Markets – by Plex

10 Global Respiratory Infection Diagnostics Markets – By Location

11 Global Respiratory Infection Diagnostics Markets – By Product

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