TCHD will continue to provide public health services in Douglas County

Douglas County Commissioners and the Tri-County Health Department (TCHD) signed an intergovernmental agreement on September 28 for TCHD to continue providing public health services until the end of 2022.

The deal comes after Douglas County decided to leave TCHD to form its own health service, but needs basic services provided by TCHD to continue until the new health service can provide. these services or decides to continue to subcontract public health services.

“This agreement benefits all parties, but primarily ensures that there are no gaps in services for residents of Douglas County,” said Dr. John Douglas, executive director of the Tri-County Health Department. “It also allows TCHD employees to focus on providing distraction-free service and provides some stability. “

The agreement provides for TCHD to continue to provide basic public services such as environmental health, which includes inspections, consumer protection and hazardous materials, WIC, which provides food and health guarantees for women and low income children, disease control and surveys, vital records, nursing services such as sexual health and immunizations and more.

“This agreement provides fiscal stability and ensures the continuity of basic public health services for the three counties while the counties determine their next steps,” said TCHD deputy director Jennifer Ludwig.

The agreement also ensures that Douglas County pays for the services in 2022 and will cover the costs associated with leaving TCHD. “We recognize that there are costs associated with leaving TCHD and this ensures that each party pays their fair share,” said the Douglas County Council of Commissioners. “We also recognize that TCHD is a leader in public health services and we want to ensure that residents of Douglas County continue to enjoy excellent public health services in the future.”

Finally, the agreement allows Douglas County to control county public health policy and TCHD to operate autonomously without instruction from the Douglas County Board of Health. Upon signing of this agreement, Douglas County will no longer have a seat on the TCHD Board of Health.

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