Telemedicine clinic prescribing abortion pills online seeks to expand

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KGTV) — Companies that offer abortion pills by mail say they’ve seen a surge in inquiries over the past two weeks.

One such company, “Choice”, claims to have seen a 600% increase in web traffic since Roe vs Wade was cancelled.

“These are people reading about what we do, about how medical abortion works,” said Dr. Moira Rashid, co-chief medical officer, Choice.

They also had an influx of new virtual patients.

Choice is a telemedicine clinic currently providing reproductive and sexual health care in California, Colorado, Illinois, and New Mexico.

Although their physicians cannot directly prescribe to patients who have mailing addresses where abortion is now illegal, they are looking to expand to neighboring states in newly restricted areas, making it easier for patients who will need to travel.

“For example, New Mexico is very close to Texas. So we’re really strategic about the next states we go to,” Dr. Rashid said.

That could help ease the burden on clinics in places like Southern California — which are already seeing an increase in patients traveling from out of state to receive care.

Choice also partners with organizations that try to help patients cover travel and service costs.

You can find out more about their services offered and the cost of care by visiting their site HERE.

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