‘The debt’, a curtain of vengeance, steel and lies

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‘The debt’, a curtain of vengeance, steel and lies

  • Helen Mirren is the main claim of ‘The debt’, already in theaters.
  • The British actress embodies an Israeli ex-spy who, decades later, returns to face the mission that changed her life.
Helen Mirren in ‘The debt’. Universal Pictures

After World War II, Berlin was the grim setting of an entire operetta of conflicting interests: over the smoky ruins of the dismal Third Reich, there was the division of Europe, the construction of an embarrassing wall and the coming and going of Western spies and communists And something else: hidden like rats, Nazi criminals carried anonymous and gray lives without paying for their horrible crimes.

The debt presents us to one of them, the fictitious Dieter Vogel, known by the nickname of Birkenau’s surgeon. Now, under the guise of an elegant and calm gynecologist, Vogel dodges every day having been responsible for the death (after horrible tortures) of thousands of Jews. But these, on the other hand, do not forget: the Israeli Mossad has located him and, to capture him, has sent three of his agents.

A vital mission

That was in the sixties. In 1997, these three agents are heroes: Rachel (Helen Mirren), Stephan (Tom Wilkinson) and David (Ciarán Hinds) do not take Vogel to court, but they do have to end his life. Theirs were united forever by that mission in Berlin, by the perils run, by the experience of facing the devil and by the love triangle, with pregnancy included, that developed between the three.

Helen is at the top, she likes difficult roles and is not afraid of anything

Impossible love, fraudulent heroism, pending accounts … All this is in The Debt , where Hollywood reinterprets the Israeli film Ha-hov , released in 2007. For his jump to Hollywood, the producers hired John Madden, whose greatest success was Shakespeare in Love Everyone knew that they had an attractive story, but there was still a cast of good actors who would give life to the three protagonists in two different stages of their lives.

Without doubt, the most important of all was that of Rachel Singer, on whom lies the emotional weight of the plot. For the young Rachel was bet by Jessica Chastain, unknown until a few months ago , but turned into one of the most fashionable faces after being under the orders of the prestigious Terrence Malick (in The Tree of Life ) or Al Pacino (Wilde Salome) . But the bet was even greater with the mature Rachel, to which Helen Mirren gives life, one of the great current actresses for films like The queen . The director, of course, was satisfied with his collaboration: “It was a fantastic experience,” he says. “Helen is on the cusp, she likes difficult roles and is not afraid of anything.”

For the men in the movie, the occasional popular name. For example, Sam Worthington ( Avatar ) plays the tormented young David, who in his mature age is played by Ciarán Hinds ( The Weight of Water and Road to Perdition ). Marton Csokas ( Alice in Wonderland ) and Tom Wilkinson ( In the room ) get into the skin of Stephan while for the diabolical Vogel the chosen was Jesper Christensen (which we will see in Melancholia ).

Well received by the US critic

Those who liked Munich , by Steven Spielberg, probably like Debt : that suggests Entertainment Weekly , one of the many American publications that praises the film starring Helen Mirren. Los Angeles Times defines it as “a superb espionage thriller , full of bodily and cerebral dangers,” while USA Today considers that “due to its tense action and deep revelations, it pays to pay to see it.”

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