The good and bad sides of Cumberland County

The Fayetteville Observer conducted an online survey in July that asked residents to share their pros and cons of living in the area. The survey received over 100 responses.

The strongest positive comments were about the area’s sense of community, diversity and entertainment options. The main negative comments were high crime rates, homelessness and litter.

Here are some of the comments received through the survey.

People pose for photos with a variety of Pride flags at Fayetteville PrideFest on Saturday, June 25, 2022, at Festival Park.

Mr. Henderson

Good: I like that it’s quiet most of the time. We have hidden gems here and there across the county. I moved here, like many of us, because of the army.

Wrong: We need more inclusion for the LGBTQ+ population. I would like to see more businesses run by LGBTQ+ people, for LGBTQ+ people. Our police forces should all undergo crisis intervention training and cultural competency training annually. Also, more understanding from our police force for the homeless population. In terms of infrastructure, many of our roads (especially in low-income areas) need to be repaved. The Market House must go – the general public has already expressed its opinion on this. Overall, Cumberland County feels poor and unwelcoming to many people.

Eddie Clark

Good: Scenic areas are very beautiful in this area of ​​North Carolina, there are parks and recreation centers that have amazing features and amenities. Spring Lake itself has a very small town feel and yet an international feel when on the 210 freeway due to Fort Bragg. But if you walk towards the post office, you feel the charm of a small town. There are plenty of good people here ready to help you with a simple task, like helping you get groceries in your vehicle or just giving you a smile. There are plenty of great parties in Cumberland County and thanks to Fort Bragg you meet such a diverse group of people from different parts of our wonderful country. Cape Fear River itself is very stunning and downtown Fayetteville is very inviting. (Fayetteville State University) and Methodist College are excellent teaching universities that offer wonderful programs to many people today.

Wrong: Traffic can be bad after 5pm at times which I suspect is due to the extra traffic from Fort Bragg.

Sue Smith

Good: People who are in the army are very kind and generous people. People who support and work with the military are patriotic, diverse, and have good morals and values.

Wrong: Do we look proud of our city if there is trash? We have to do something about garbage everywhere. Don’t let the homeless camp anywhere and pile up trash. They can go to a shelter or not camp in public spaces. Set up specific campsites for them where they can get help. Crime and speeding. One of the things that can happen is boarding Fort Bragg. If a soldier is caught speeding or driving recklessly, this is reported. Have them go to stationed driving schools or stay in barracks. Include litter picking as part of probation. Teenagers who skip school – put them on the litter details. Open dumps that accept furniture and mattresses with extended hours so people stop dumping them on the highways. We need more sidewalks and bike lanes. Bus stops should be rain shelters and placed at crosswalks so people don’t play Frogger while crossing freeways.

caroline batton

Good: Despite the way things are here in Fayetteville, we have good people here with good hearts. Good health care.

Wrong: Our city needs better leadership for everyone here, not just certain groups. Our city still needs a lot of cleaning in troubled areas like the dive motels near the Colosseum. The city council needs to work together for the whole city, not just for certain neighborhoods. School districts must get equal funding. A huge problem here is that there is nothing for everyone to do. It has been proven that a city with nothing to do actually creates crime and unrest. But when you have a city that cares and invests in the city to create activities that everyone can enjoy, it makes the city happier. Create beautiful town squares with trees and benches, fountains with small vintage shops and activities and entertainment. We don’t have anything like that here. We have many areas that would be great for something like this. With all the food truck activity, we could have one of those areas where there are huge parking lots with nothing (in it) and set up a food truck restaurant plaza with tables with umbrellas or picnic tables picnic, with flowers and trees. Yes, we must also beautify our city. Fayetteville needs to show it cares about all the townspeople (in some way) that people can actually see and feel. A place we can be proud to call home. Fayetteville has a reputation online as the last place to visit and live. Why, because there is nothing to do here. Please separate Fayetteville from Fort Bragg. We have to lose the character of the military town. Yes, to some we are still known as Fayettenam. Not good. All of these things need to be addressed by a new city council (who) wants to dramatically improve our city to improve our quality of life here in Fayetteville. Improving our city for everyone and that would make it a place where people want to live and visit. Gatlinburg, Tennessee has come a long way. They did a terrific job. The outdoor beauty experience they have enhanced is remarkable. So Fayetteville, take notes. I don’t like to hear that Fayetteville is the last place you want to go or live. Think about this planning board. Not good.

Jeanine Reyes

Good: Hope Mills is a growing small town, we live in a beautiful community on the outskirts. It’s peaceful and the neighbors watch over each other. We have plenty of stores and don’t need to travel far for everything we need. Hope Mills Lake has been restored and is beautiful and attracts families with children. Since I’ve been here, many new businesses have opened and more are on the way. We are close to highways to get us from north to south. The crime rate is low and we have good schools. We love living here!

Wrong: As Hope Mills grows, the roads will need to be widened. Shopping is okay, but we’d like to see grocery stores that carry higher quality items such as Publix’s or Harris Teeter, not just fast food restaurants popping up all over the place.

Harris Teeter grocery store at 2800 Raeford Road on Thursday July 22, 2022.

Brenda Hodson

Good: We like the more temperate climate and location.

What we really love is the respect people have for each other. The individuals are friendly and helpful. Politics here is more balanced between Democrats and Republicans. There is more diversity here too.

We like that there is less litter along the roads. This is another sign of a caring community.

The county offers a variety of activities, including theater, military, nature, and more.

We continue to explore, but so far it has been very enjoyable.

Wrong: The only area that could be improved is transport. Some roads near Hope Mills need to be widened.

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