These promising youngsters from Detroit are truly awesome – and here’s why

Have you heard of the Detroit Youth Empowerment Awards?

YEAs, as they are sometimes called, were created by CLASSE agency in partnership with the City of Detroit Department of Behavioral Health, 313 HOPE Detroit.

The Youth Empowerment Awards were designed not only to celebrate the city’s youth, but also to give the world the opportunity to see the talent, tenacity, creativity, resilience, innovation and kindness that inhabit youth. of Detroit.

Without further ado, we thought we would introduce you to the 2021 winners:

Congratulations to this year’s winners! (Photo provided by the CLASS agency)

Excellence in Education Award: Caria Taylor

Caria Taylor, a new freshman at Wayne State University, gained a love for education as a member of the Doctors of Tomorrow outreach program at the University of Michigan School of Medicine and as a youngest. ninth grade Henry Ford Hospital youth summer intern.

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She also maintained a GPA of 4.0 (or better) throughout her student career at Cass Technical High School. Taylor received a full Wayne State University scholarship and a 2021 summer internship with Ford Motor Company through DAPCEP.

You may also recognize her as a member of the Detroit Youth Choir seen on “America’s Got Talent” in 2019. Taylor is an accomplished photographer whose work is published in the Detroit News and as part of the Ford Station Development Project Motor Company.

His strong community presence began at an early age, joining the Triumph Church at age 3, volunteering and serving as a youth usher and performing in the church’s youth choir since age of 5 years. She is now working to become an engineer and make environmental changes that support the growth and functionality of urban communities.

Taylor’s unstoppable motivation was fueled by inspiration from his mother and grandmother and the love of gaining knowledge.

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Community Impact Award: Quintin Love, Jr.

Most mornings this summer, you would have found Quintin Love, Jr. at the Downtown Boxing Gym, where he coaches and trains seven to ten students a day. Teaching her young disciples the important life lessons of self-discipline, goal setting and positive action is always at the top of Love’s agenda.

He says he likes to mentor young people for the benefit of the people who have mentored him. A born leader, Love has taken a head start in building his future, having already established a thriving business in photography and filmmaking. He has little time to engage in anything that does not serve his greatest purpose. A 4.0 student at Cass Tech high school, Love invests only in the greater good of himself and gives back to his community on a daily basis.

Some of this year’s winners. (Provided by the CLASS agency)

Entrepreneurship Award: Lauren Lindsey

Owner of a line of all-natural, handmade skin and body care products, Lauren Lindsey knows what it’s like to be an entrepreneur with a passion for giving. She founded the company during the pandemic. After months of research and product development, Lindsey launched Essential Luxury Body Care, and in a very short time, Luxe Essential Body Care products were shipped across the world, receiving rave reviews from customers.

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Lindsey uses part of the proceeds from the sale of his products to give back to the community. She always lives up to her motto, “It is a blessing to be a blessing” by donating toiletries, hats, scarves and gloves to women’s shelters and local organizations. Lindsey dreams that one day she will create her non-profit organization that teaches tween girls to take care of their hygiene and respect their bodies. She believes that all women, regardless of their age, should feel special inside and out.

Lindsey is a student at Michigan State University, where she will graduate with a bachelor’s degree in advertising in 2022.

Sustainable Program Award: T’yara McMillan

T’yara McMillan is a young woman with a big heart and passionate about generosity. She is currently completing her final year at Wayne State University with a double major in Mathematics and Engineering. At the age of 17, McMillan founded a community organization called Flora’s Touch.

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Over the years, Flora’s Touch has provided community members with much-needed items including hot meals, school supplies, blankets, feminine products, hats and coats. Flora’s Touch also helps people access community resources by helping them apply for jobs, education opportunities and grants.

The needs of his community are always at the forefront of McMillan’s mind, and more importantly, his actions reflect that. Despite his busy school schedule and balancing two jobs, McMillan continues to selflessly give through the growth and development of Flora’s Touch. In 2015, she received the Presidential Prudential Award from then-President Barak Obama and pledged to continue that legacy. Some of McMillan’s long-term goals include opening emergency care facilities for people without health insurance and developing a line of prosthetics for children of color.

Community scholarship award: Khalayja Jefferson

At the age of 14, Khalayja Jefferson identified a serious problem in his community and wanted to do something about it. She wanted to find a way to educate parents, children and community decision-makers about the dangers of drugs.

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Despite being a Detroit-based nonprofit, The Youth Connection, she has found her voice. Jefferson has created a “photovoice project” which talks about the impact of drugs in his community. Additionally, her visual project showed young people to walk past drug activity on their way out of church or just going to the store. Jefferson’s goal was to gain the attention of students, parents, and local lawmakers, and ultimately limit the volume and invasive nature of marijuana advertisements.

While she tends to be shy and calm, Jefferson is a shining example that a voice doesn’t have to be powerful and loud to have an impact.

Jefferson is the youngest recipient of the Detroit Youth Empowerment Award.

Perseverance Award: India Stubbs

India Stubbs is a motivated and hardworking student who has taken on many challenges. Last summer, in the midst of COVID-19, she received the devastating news that her mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Stubbs’ mother, a single mother of five, needed India to take on additional roles at home during her treatment and recovery.

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India Stubbs said she draws strength from prayer and her grandmother, as well as her good friends Nia and Jordan. Despite unthinkable circumstances, Stubbs made it through his final year at Detroit Renaissance High School, finishing with a GPA of 3.9. Stubbs was also accepted (and is now attending her freshman year) at Michigan State University, where she is studying veterinary medicine.

Prior to heading to East Lansing, Stubbs completed an internship in Fiat Chrysler’s communications department, where she worked on communication and employee morale through their internal online communication tool called The Hub.

Do you know a kid from Detroit who does great things? Notify Detroit YEA.

The team behind Detroit YEA is always looking for incredible and courageous action from the young people of the city. If you know someone under the age of 25 who is making a big difference in your community, please file the group note.

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These Detroit Youth Empowerment Awards were created by CLASSE agency in 2020 to celebrate the incredible acts of kindness and powerful movements that the youth of Detroit have taken during one of the city’s toughest times.

Have you heard of the Detroit Youth Empowerment Awards? (Provided by the CLASS agency)

The Detroit YEA winners overcame adversity and made it through the most difficult time in our country’s history while giving back to the community: accomplishing the unthinkable, making the impossible and inspiring change.

CLASS Agency is a local, non-profit organization that provides prevention, intervention, and addiction treatment to youth and adults in Detroit. Find out more about the CLASS agency in by clicking or typing here.

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