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TULSA, Okla. – A group of Rotary clubs and local churches came together on Monday to pack and ship a truckload of vital medical supplies to a country in need.

“It’s always a good thing when you can help someone, even if you can’t see who you’re helping,” VJ Lively said.

But what Lively sees is a need.

“We in America take things for granted so much,” Lively said. “If you look at some of these places overseas…there are people lying on the ground…there are people lying in the dirt in some of these hospitals.”

That is why for two decades he gave his life to the international network of medical supplies.

Inside the Tulsa warehouse he manages, you can often find hospital beds, wheelchairs, masks, IV stands, blankets, gowns and more in trailers, like he was doing it on Monday morning.

“We are shipping a container to Africa from Malawi,” Lively said.

Monday’s shipment is filled with lightly used donations thanks to hospitals in Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Texas, among others.

These donations were all sought and collected by many local Rotary clubs, as well as Saint Andrew’s Presbyterian Church and the Eastern Oklahoma Rectory.

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“You can see blankets have come in there, even solar lamps,” said Cathy Webster, governor of Rotary International District 6110, overseeing Rotary clubs in northeast Oklahoma, northwest Arkansas, southwestern Missouri and southeastern Kansas.

The connection in Malawi came from the Rotary Club, after members of a local chapter met members of a Malawi chapter at an international conference.

“Malawi has Rotary clubs, and so those Rotarians are going to receive the shipments there and make sure they get where they need to go,” Webster said.

The cargo is now on its way to New York, where it will set sail.

“Hopefully in about three or four weeks it will end in Malawi,” Lively said.

There he will take on a new life to give life to others.

“My favorite thing is knowing that somewhere in the world I’m saving someone’s life,” he said.

If you would like to donate or get involved, you can find out more on the Medical Supplies International website, msni.org.

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