Ukraine war: Campervanner brings medicine, showers and military know-how to help the inhabitants

Motorhomes have always been a traveler’s favourite, but when the pandemic put overseas vacations and hotels out of the question, their popularity skyrocketed.

In Ukraine, Euronews correspondent Anelise Borges met Ben, a German who is now using his motorhome for an entirely new purpose.

“Normally it’s a motorhome, I travel with it so I have everything inside solar power, electricity, a shower, everything you need on a trip,” Ben tells Anelise.

“But it’s also good in disaster areas or war zones.”

Why is this motorhome driven on a battlefield?

Ben has a military background so with his motorhome always ready for a trip, he decided to travel to Ukraine and share his knowledge.

“When you’re three people on the battlefield, you might just change a little thing, but you don’t make a big difference,” says Ben.

“But when you train 100 people, you can change a whole battle.”

His caravan was packed with slightly different supplies from his normal trips. He brought boxes of medical supplies to distribute to those in need.

In several Ukrainian cities, the water supply was interrupted by the Russian invasion. Ben filled his RV’s water tank and provided showers for the locals he trained.

“One day maybe my kids will ask me what I did at the start of World War III and I don’t mean I was sitting on the couch and eating crisps,” he says.

Watch the video above to learn more about Ben and his motorhome in Ukraine.

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