Ways to Save Money

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Laziness is not a feature that is well regarded. And in the field of personal finance inertia usually has negative effects on the wealth of a family. Remember that it is often by inaction that consumers make the worst decisions of their financial life: one chooses the first offer that appears without having to worry about analyzing the competition offer; the monthly expenses of the household are not controlled or a trip to the bank is postponed successively to try to negotiate the mortgage loan.

If you belong to this club, rest: nothing is lost. There are more and more tools that allow even the most lazy and distracted consumers to have control over their personal finances and ensure that there is always money left at the end of the month. Know then some of these mechanisms that play in favor of the most idle.


Join direct debit payments

Join direct debit payments

Have you ever cut off access to any service (water, electricity, telecommunications) for late payment? If so, it’s time to join payments made by direct debit. Often the late payment of the monthly bills is not due to lack of money but rather to the lack of memory of consumers and the tendency that many people have to procrastinate and postpone the execution of some tasks for later.

To avoid failing to pay the major family accounts, consider using direct debit payments. With this solution, the entity providing the service debits directly from the consumer’s bank account (and with its authorization) the amount of the monthly invoice that it will have to bear. That is, the consumer does not have to worry about payment deadlines: just make sure that the bank account has enough balance to face the bills that will arise.

The process is quite simple: If a person wants their account to be light, for example, is paid by this route simply move to an ATM, select the direct debit option and follow the steps, without forgetting to insert the creditor identification and the authorization number. Through the ATM you can also cancel the authorization of debit to account, set payment deadlines and establish or change the maximum amounts to be debited.


Make automatic transfer schedules

automatic transfer schedules

If you want to save every month but you have some difficulties getting organized to ensure that you reach the end of the month with Gellert then the solution indicated for your case goes through the scheduling of automatic transfers (from 10 euros per month). For example, you can place an order with your bank so that at the beginning of the month 50 euros will always be transferred from your checking account to your savings account or to a PPR. In this way, you will be saving automatically and without realizing it. Besides being a convenient and easy way to save money, it is also a mechanism that helps you to control your expenses, since the amount that is channeled into savings is no longer available for consumption.


Point the key dates on your calendar

Point the key dates on your calendar

It’s an archaic method but it can be effective: Put a large calendar in your kitchen and go by pointing (with colored pens) some key dates of your financial life, such as the deadline to deliver your IRS or the date you the deadline for returning some rented property (books, DVD’s). According to the American financial website, Investopedia, this is one of the most effective ways to avoid fines and fines for late payments or returns of goods.