Zuellig Pharma chooses CYFIRMA to elevate its cyber intelligence capabilities and strengthen its cybersecurity position

SINGAPORE, June 25, 2021 / PRNewswire / – CYFIRMA, a threat discovery and cyber intelligence platform company funded by Goldman Sachs, Zodius Capital and Z3Partners, today announced that Zuellig Pharma, one of the leading providers of health services in Asia, selected DeCYFIR, a cloud-based, AI-powered cybersecurity platform, to gain visibility into its external threat landscape to uncover hacking campaigns and prevent cyber attacks.

Over the past 18 months, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen the global healthcare industry fall victim to cybercriminals taking advantage of the chaos. Cyberattacks on healthcare more than doubled in 2020, according to CYFIRMA researchers. COVID-19 response efforts, including vaccine and supply chain research, have been the primary focus of these targeted campaigns.

With CYFIRMA’s DeCYFIR platform, Zuellig Pharma has beefed up its cyber defense ammunition to accurately discover cyber attacks early in the planning and take remedial action to eliminate vulnerabilities before hackers can compromise the network. The platform allows better visibility into the external threat landscape by monitoring the dark web, hacker forums and various closed communities for threat indicators that would signal cybercriminals to intend to exploit security weaknesses that could cause business interruption.

“As a healthcare company providing life-saving medicines to those who need them most, we own and operate some of the most advanced cold chain facilities, handling temperature-sensitive medicines through innovative processes. and digitized. The rapidly evolving threat landscape in the healthcare industry has shown us the importance of managing cybersecurity dynamically, especially as we continue to roll out more and more digitalization initiatives. will guide in our response to cyber risks by providing us with real-time insights and early alerts on malicious activity targeting us, “said Mike Brewster, Vice President Technology, Zuellig Pharma.

“We are honored to be working with Zuellig Pharma to deploy our DeCYFIR platform, which will play a pivotal role in helping them fend off cybercriminals who seek to steal intellectual property, conduct corporate espionage, disrupt business and damage the brand and reputation. Cybercrime has escalated rapidly in recent times, and this is a clear sign that businesses need to rethink the way they currently manage their cybersecurity strategies and programs. DeCYFIR’s ability to predict impending attacks will give defenders the much needed advantage over cybercriminals, ”said Kumar Ritesh, Founder and CEO, CYFIRMA. “

ABOUT Zuellig Pharma

Zuellig Pharma is one of the largest healthcare service groups in Asia and our goal is to make healthcare more accessible. We provide world-class distribution, digital and business services to meet the growing healthcare needs in this region. The company was founded almost a hundred years ago and has grown into a US $ 13 billion activity covering 13 markets with more than 12,000 employees. Our employees serve more than 350,000 medical facilities and work with more than 1,000 customers, including the 20 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

More recently, we launched our Zuellig Health Solutions Innovation Center to develop new services and address some urgent healthcare needs in Asia. Since then, our teams have focused on building data, digital and disease management solutions, supporting patients with chronic illnesses and helping payers manage healthcare costs.


CYFIRMA is a threat discovery and cyber intelligence platform company. We combine cyber intelligence with attack surface discovery and digital risk protection to deliver predictive, personalized, contextual, external and layered insights. We leverage our cloud-based AI and ML-based analytics platform to help organizations proactively identify potential threats at the planning stage of cyber attacks. Our unique approach of providing the hacker’s perspective and in-depth insight into the external cyber landscape helps customers prepare for future attacks.

CYFIRMA works with many Fortune 500 companies. The company has offices located in the United States, Japan, Singapore and India.

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